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  1. im quitting this game if balance is not fixed

    Game not balanced for lvl 45 pvp. Game balanced around lvl 50 pvp. Huge difference...
  2. Best dungeon build for FM

    Unfortunately most of the class forums are pretty scant with information. Try Blade and Soul Dojo.
  3. Show off your characters!!
  4. Stupid maintenance time

    Basement virgins do neither......
  5. Lol, really now....

    So now that they can't have the game the gold spammers have taken to the forums. You guys need to get a handle on this shit.
  6. PC Gamer's review of BnS. Anti Asian Bias?

    Where in my post did I mention shitty keybinds? I didn't, Shift + F1 brings up your UI editor which is about the equivalent to being dick slapped in the face by Rocco or Lexington Steele.... Re-read my post... learn to troll.
  7. After 25 levels.....

    Actually i am having a hell of a time getting any character names to say over head, this includes NPC names. I ahve turn them on and off repeatedly in the options menu but as soon as I close the options menu the names disappear again. I have no clue what to try next.
  8. Reporting Offensive Character Names

    They probably wont ban the offender, just do what CoH/V did and just change your name to something else like FlowerBubbles or something along those lines.
  9. After 25 levels.....

    That worked! Thanks a lot!
  10. After 25 levels.....

    Submitted, if you could escalate that would be rad, but don't get yourself fired for doing it.
  11. PC Gamer's review of BnS. Anti Asian Bias?

    I have no clue when either one came out. All I know is if you down load Devilian and make a toon, you'll see what I mean.
  12. PC Gamer's review of BnS. Anti Asian Bias?

    Honestly I tend to agree. This game is way too much like ArcheAge and Tera had a drunken one night stand with each other. Me personally, the UI makes my skin crawl and god forbid you hit Shift+F1. Holy. shit. It's not a bad game to me, but its not a great one either. Just my opinion on things. I did enjoy playing it, about as much as I enjoyed Tera a game which I heavily tested and played. This just felt like I was playing Tera, not to mention the caracter creation UI is the same as Devilian, hell even the character models are almost carbon copies of each other. Either way. I guess have fun. Maybe I'll be back, who knows.
  13. After 25 levels.....

    My Blade and Soul career is over. Not because I wanted it to end. I had a corruption of files or something, it warranted a reinstall as the repair utility wasn't fixing it. Now it wont install on my machine. Something about not being able to find a short cut or some such. Ahhh.... C'est la vis. At least I wasn't totally invested in the game.
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Its *cricket*ing simple ... you ban IP blocks. Not hard.
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    This is with out a doubt the WORST GAME I have ever played. Not even 12 hours into this game and my block list is full. No other reasonable way to communicate in this game. You have outdone your selves at the factory of sadness NC Soft. Horrible, horrible horrible horrible.....absolutely horrible. Have fun going from 12 servers to 2-3 with in 6 months because no one wants to see that much spam. 300 messages in 0NE MINUTE!!!! Go and *cricket* your selves NC Soft.