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  1. Show off your characters!!

    my lovely assassin
  2. They aren't actually level 10, they have ways around the level limit. It does nothing at all
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Premium players have the same block amount
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    This is why they need stronger, temporary solutions. Live support dealing with bots in real time, harsher penalties for spamming etc. Some of the same bots spam nonstop for 8+ hours and there is literally no excuse for that
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    They create 5 new names every few minutes, it is literally impossible to combat. I don't know what server you are on, but log on Master Hong and try to combat the spam
  6. She's beautiful.. ?

    She actually does look great
  7. There is absolutely no excuse for a company that has had as many game launches as NCSoft and dealt with spam in all of their titles before, they should have been prepared
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    That's why their only fix was to make faction chat require level 10? lol
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Fairly certain some of the sites are bypassing the system somehow, you can't view their character info so it isn't unreasonable to suggest their IPs are masked as well. I'm not a programmer, but there were unblockable bots the past few days as well
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    On some servers it is impossible to do this, there are too many and they constantly create new names every 5 minutes. It isn't hyperbole, it is seriously overrun
  11. A Quick Fix for Gold Spammers READ ME!!

    Nobody is even trying to use faction on my server at the moment because the spam is so rampant, I'm certainly not trying to compete with the bots. I am just using my say/whisper/party/clan tab but it doesn't mean I am not completely frustrated that every other channel is overrun with parasites
  12. A Quick Fix for Gold Spammers READ ME!!

    Why are you defending bots? I literally do not understand how some of you people think
  13. A Quick Fix for Gold Spammers READ ME!!

    Yes, just don't communicate at all with other players in a massively multiplayer game. Perfect fix.
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    You guys are lucky - my server has had every single chat channel and LFG (even the occasional whisper) overrun (read: completely unusable) for several days now. You can't block them all, it's 5+ sites, some with close to 10 bots active at a time and changing names every 5 minutes or so. These gold sellers are literally parasites - I want so badly to enjoy this game completely, but if every single chat channel and LFG are nothing but endless gold spam it is pretty difficult for me
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    What server are you playing on where you only have one spammer in faction an hour? My block list has already filled up and i've been on around 30 minutes and already given up on trying to block them all