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  1. how to get a soul

    maybe its just me but i have been searching all over for it, how do i get a soul, i see in mijn inventory a slot for it and i have seen players already having one, can anyone tell how to get it?
  2. how to get a soul

    thx you ill have a look at that
  3. i got 2 chars one summoner and a FM, and i have a 80% win ratio in arena on both, its not what class is better or not, if i play my best no class has a chance, but if i make a mistake am F....ed, does that mean that class that beats me is OP? NO it means i lost and i sucked and i have to step up next time, why cry hes OP, hes a bot when 99,99% of the time its ur own fault watch your opponent, learn from it, act on it <------ for all the cry babies ;)
  4. You gotta admit it

    i am a free player as they say, i dont put in a dime because i see others cry about it, in my opion the game is fine, they need to fix the down times :) as for time spend ingame, i dont have 24/7 to play and i still managed to get 3 chars to 45 just to see which class would fit me in a reasonable time, gear wise i can only say would you really like it if you got everything over night? i played lineage 2 offi and private their is nothing more boring than beeing done after 1 day.
  5. Failed to connect to server?

    it is in bug report is a thread aswell
  6. Failed to connect to server?

    hehe just hold out a bit got this before they will fix it
  7. Failed to connect to server?

    same on spirit rest
  8. Dutch Legion Recruting

    Like the title says looking for dutch players, after trying some clans, i prefered to make my own, am not building a hardcore clan like most aim for, also i dont care if i have 5 members or a 100, i want us to enjoy the game in a relaxed way, also we have a TS3 server. so if you wanna join us you need a few things, 1ste: you need to be cerulean order 2de: loyalty, no i dont ask that you are on 24/7, if the weekend is all you got or just a few hours your still welcome 3th: if clan members ask for help, help them otherwise keep your dumb remarks to yourself, we all need to learn. 4th: add Mirtjuh to your friendlist and pm me ingame. hope to see ya soon
  9. Nothing happens after pincode

    same here second day in a row, yesterday i rebooting my pc and that solved it but for now it doesnt