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  1. Best build?

    Well, I've see that I need to do some PvP too so I think I'll do like 2 build ! Thank you !
  2. Best build?

    Hi, I'm searching for the best build for doing dungeon in solo and with a party, anyone have a good build for it? (So I think defense and attack?) Thank you!
  3. Lag and the same problems

    No no there isn't any maint, is just the servers down
  4. server freeze?

    The server has crashed !
  5. Lag and the same problems

    Yep and when they answer to your ticket, we can't understand what they are saying.
  6. Servers crashed ?!

    Nice so is all the server down and not just a few pple? gg
  7. Lag and the same problems

    Yea maybe is due to the gold bot. There are a lot of games without "bot", I dunno why they can't to something.
  8. Lag and the same problems

    GGWP server. Well, let's hope that is just a thing about waiting and it will let us log in ;)
  9. Lag and the same problems

    Hi! Like the other time the game don't want to open, I'm blocked at the animation before the "Terms Agree". The server have problems again? Someone with the same problem?

    Now I've problems too. I was online but not at the pc, and the game has log out my pg, now I'm at the "Choose pg window" but it's still in "Connecting". The server have problems?
  11. Crashing after PIN

    Is like the other day, there are a lot of people try to log-in, maybe bots too, so it have like a "lag" and it need time, SO MUCH TIME.
  12. Nice attempt

    And anyway they don't fix the problem about the log-in, now like the other day the window is blocked at the animation and the "Agree" window doesn't appear. GJ
  13. Problem with Log In

    Ok the game has started, yes like LunaLove says, you have to wait and leave the window like it is.
  14. Problem with Log In

    Now it go, but now the window is stuck at Character selection with "Connecting.."
  15. Problem with Log In

    You leave it just like this? Because after I've put the pin code I'm leaving the window just like it is, but the other window doesn't appear... Like ten minutes like this