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  1. Hiveminded whiteknights everywhere. Disgusting bunch.
  2. It is the horrible time they do it, barely fixes anything noteworthy, things that should have been fixed in the first maintenance are pushed on to the next, the time they announce the maintenance is also a problem, how they don't care about EU players and our complains. Also, 5+ *cricket*ing hours of maintenance.
  3. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    The ride never ends
  4. Same, was disconnected around 4-5 hours ago, i just finally got in and wow guess what *cricket*ing disconnected again, cant even get into the game, i am beyond mad i was already mad to begin with, this cant be good for my health, i literally went to the forums to rant about it. Was planning on buying premium but seeing how there are queues too for those users i guess NOT. *cricket* it i hope this game goes under fire. Back to 1.1k in queue, yeah i'm done with this.