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  1. In USA they have a different ethics compared to the one we have in europe. Apparently they get easy offended if a big amount of skin is in view, while in europe we get a lot less offended (still we, in some situations) . Then add that probably the team behind the NA/EU version of BnS is composed of devs that doesnt want to take any chance. this all started when BnS West was released, with the 2 major reviews sites largely blaming the game because boobs have physics (the reviewers probably seen that as an offense) so they had to start censure stuff. Actually few sets previously censored h
  2. This is what i've done in the attempt to recreate the Jin Female Warlock as it is on the class selection screen. Please not that a HUGE help comes from this post on the official plaync formus: http://bns.plaync.com/board/image/custom/article/5251782?p=84 and it's fair to mention it, but this guy didn't released any preset to download. This is wat i've ended up to create: I uploaded the preset on BnS-Fashion so you can grab it there if anyone is interested. LINK TO THE PRESET PRESS HERE
  3. Yep, NCWest is the culprit, game on the other world regions is just fine
  4. Let's see why . Im a premium member, and i get absolutely nothing from my sub if not a stupid animation while running/flying and a very ugly useless icon next to my name. If i pay a monthly fee i expect to have some real benefit, like 1 free character slot or some hongmoon coins based on the time i stay subbed. Costumes cant be shared between characters so im forced to buy multiple times the same object. I cant have a shared warehouse/bank between characters. I cant even send mail in game if i dont charge coins on the account (i did) I only have 2 characters slots, even
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