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  1. In USA they have a different ethics compared to the one we have in europe. Apparently they get easy offended if a big amount of skin is in view, while in europe we get a lot less offended (still we, in some situations) . Then add that probably the team behind the NA/EU version of BnS is composed of devs that doesnt want to take any chance. this all started when BnS West was released, with the 2 major reviews sites largely blaming the game because boobs have physics (the reviewers probably seen that as an offense) so they had to start censure stuff. Actually few sets previously censored have been uncensored (but it was stuff that never had anyway a huge amount of skin in view) but seem they are just censoring the most "sexy" outfits. I like more the way they made BnS in China.. it's 18+, but nothing is censored.
  2. This is what i've done in the attempt to recreate the Jin Female Warlock as it is on the class selection screen. Please not that a HUGE help comes from this post on the official plaync formus: and it's fair to mention it, but this guy didn't released any preset to download. This is wat i've ended up to create: I uploaded the preset on BnS-Fashion so you can grab it there if anyone is interested. LINK TO THE PRESET PRESS HERE
  3. Character Presets *Requests CLOSED*

    Preset Theme: Lyns Can Be Badass Race: Lyn Gender Female Preset Link: LynCanBeBadAss
  4. So, warlock is coming March 2

    Yep, enjoy the nerfed version that does half dps and have half survivability compared to the asian counterpart.
  5. Low fps on good pc

    The majority of the games are optimized for Nvidia Cards, i totally agree the R9 is a good one but doesnt change that most developers just optimize around Nvidia and dont care about ATI/AMD cards. Also when new patches hit, usually who get Crash/fps issues are the Radeon users. That's why it's 4 years i only buy Nvidia and i have to admit i run un much less problems.

    I doubt they can manage to "fix" the pvp leaving untouched the pve, if they lower the burst/dps it will affect both pve and pvp, unless they change some defensive mechanic, but the warlock is broken for the dps/burst so it's where they have to change something. (just think, a warlock lvl 10 can crit for over 2000 with double dragons, on EU/NA any other class must be over lvl 20 to get that amount)

    I wonder if this is true for the EU/NA version, it's well known we are getting a nerfed version of the warlock, so it will have less potential compared to the Asian warlock we have played on TW/JP servers. Still have to see what they will nerf, probably dps.
  8. Laptop users, what are you using atm?

    Planning to go buy in few days the new Alienware model 15R2 Laptop, im pretty sure i will be able (hopefully) play on ultra settings without any frame drop
  9. Valentine's Cover Lyn

    This work perfectly, thank you a lot for sharing it, it work and it's pretty much the same as the valentine splash.
  10. Ncsoft's "security" system

    With all the respect, if you get hacked its not NCSoft mistake, but yours. 99% of hacking is because keyloggers and they dont just grow on your computer by themself. Use simple tools like Spybot S&D + SpywareBlaster + AV + firewall and you hardly get hacked. Personally i use Comodo Internet Security since years and never had a problem. Said that, i agree there must be a double verification before change the pin or add a sms verification is even better.
  11. Lag in NA server

    I wish i have so low latency. I'm in europe, i live in Switzerland, the gameservers are in Germany (2 hours car from my home, literally) and my ping is between 180 and 350. I say before everything else they have to fix EU lag, we have lot more than you have in America.
  12. Deleted character without reason

    I bet you logged in the wrong region. Pick the right one on the launcher before press the Play button.
  13. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Like you, i hope warlock comes much before that. But im looking at the daily dash, it last to the 6 of april. Considering it can be cleared much before (im 12 steps from completition) it probably mean they will want this daily dash to last until the next major patch. At least it make sense to me.
  14. Brother Hajoon

    Seriously delete the thread, this is a BIG spoiler for who is still on early leveling.
  15. Just unlock the Warlock already

    You need to wait 2 months, be patient.