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  1. Another complaining thread o-o, people are never satisfied
  2. yay DPS Meters!!!

    race change? does that mean we can make a destroyer gon then switch race to lyn and have a destroyer lyn ?
  3. The next 1-45 challange. Plus punishment.

    I got a very good suggestion, go naked and run circles around your house 5 times and then treat everyone who watched your stream cake! CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE :D:D:D:D
  4. BUG: Dungeon and Arena

    i get that alot too
  5. Servers down again?

    i got disconnected from the server while i was searching for party dungeon :'(
  6. Servers down again?

    damn i waited 5 hours to log in xd got to play 3 mins and dc ;-; i miss my premium membership QwQ