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  1. i am fed up with mechs

    The problem here is precisely revard vs time sink/difficulty. It's just not rewarding trying to do mech heavy dungeons so there is no real initiative to try and learn, since the rewards are trivial at best. I know it is hard to believe, but people actually value their time at large and if the frustration is too great and on top of that it turns into a pure timesink, as a result you have no happy gamers. Not to mention there is no way to learn mechs properly ingame, and no watching a video does not equal - learning mechs. Because only with experience one knows how to properly respond and use boss attack pattern. In the end, generally you have a horrid first run experiences in unknown dungeons, multiplied by charming community. So yeah, you can say that the OP has a somewhat legit complain going, because there is no real motivation to actually do complicated mech in this game, even if it keeps on insisting. Training room was a step in right direction, they should expand it. P.s. most of higher tier dungeon mechs are not even difficult, they are just plain confusing and were made for the soul purpose of being confusing.
  2. How bad is the p2w in this game? Is the game dead?

    I will leave my two cents. As someone who was a returning player and spend around three months ingame, I can give some pointers. First thing first: if you decide spending money,make sure it is an amount you will not be sad to part with in case you leave, because this game has a lot of issues. From what I have seen premium is not worth the money, the player gets close to none benefits from it, the money is better spent purchasing NCoin. If you are from Europe, be prepared to wait several hours to get your coins after order has been placed. Cannot say how often it occurs to other people from EU region, but three times that I did buy Ncoins it took up to 8 hours for them to be delivered ingame. Left me...surprised to say the least. On the surface the cash-shop appears to mainly cater to cosmetics, however, once you reach a certain point it becomes glaringly obvious, that to progress in any reasonable amount of time, you will absolutely have to sink money. The gold income has been cut, main gold comes from higher tier dungeons and raids and in order to get into one, the player needs to have a minimal amount of AP. With each major update the minimal amount of AP required to get in, increases for the same dungeon. Go figure. In other words, for you as a new player to get into old content that has been around for a year or more, will require ether sinking a lot of time, or straight up buying your way into it. To do endgame raids you will need a good clan, to get into a good clan, you will need good gear. The circle is complete and you are left in limbo. Basically, I realised as returning player, that I had two options on how to leave the limbo a) make B&S my second job and life or b) Spend money. The speed with which they roll out new major updates, there is no way you will gear on time. On one hand right now the game makes it extremely easy to gear up to 950 AP, but (and it's a big BUT) the community scoffs heavily at anyone who is below 1k AP. For what I have seen right before i quit the game in early january, the community was approaching the point where 1k ap was no good to do any mid game, mind you, content. Chances are it has gotten progressively worse. That brings me to another point, the community is very unfriendly, to put it lightly. For each mistake be prepared to lose at least half a team in the instance and be stuck recruiting, which in turn will increase the time you unceserally spend in the game. People have zero tolerance for upcoming players, who learn dungeons. Not all, of course, but the majority. The population (on EU Jinsoyun) is somewhat acceptable. I had no trouble doing the daily challenges and big 8 (If i remember right), as well as the weekly basic raids. But, outside of regional rush hour I was hard pressed to find a party, for anything. Wow, this came out longer then expected. Everything above, comes from my own experience. Yours might be terminally different. All in all the game is enjoyable on the surface, but once you get deep into it, issues become glaringly obvious. Starting from poor client optimisation and mind numbing grind that, may as well be a second job, if one does not invest regularly, to keep up with the content. To problematic, unfriendly community. Hope that helped.
  3. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    Thanksgiving event is overall a poor example, since the ones who benefited most were people with 12 character slots. Not to mention it is RNG. For a fresh player who is locked into 2 character slots without immediately investing cash to unlock one, it was over all not so great. The most reasonable was to craft on two available characters and simply sell ingredients for extra gold. Premium stone could actually be a great gold sink, if they reworked it. Increasing gold cost along with materials needed for crafting, but keeping resources after failed attempts and withdrawing only gold. It would greatly benefit everyone, especially people who are trying close the gap. The prices for Elysium Orbs since overall more of them would be available, would most likely drop too, making other craftable items more accessible. Making crafting a valid option to save some gold. As it is now, it just poorly executed. The whole system needs a rework. As for Naksun: with current drop rate it turns into a second job to farm up moonstone crystals. It is a good place to farm up extra 20 stones you are missing for next upgrade, but for certainly you cannot call it a legit source of crystals, without sitting there for hours. Player time within the game is heavily devided between other farming activities, so one cannot just sit in one spot farming one resource.
  4. Dungeon Daily gold nerf???

    If the game is so newbie friendly, why are servers so...deserted? Recently I queued outside the regional rush hour (I play on europe - Jinsoyun) and 10min in we still had 4 people in lobby (Desolate Tomb NM). While I admit, this particular que was out of the norm, still there are plenty of activities one can only hope to participate during a narrow time window. Sure, the server activity looks...better after big 55 update launched, but how long will it last? The reason why NcSoft gives away gear in quest, is not out of pure goodness of their heart. The player pool that can do end game content is already limited, it would be none existent without boosts. These items in quests are a necessity and still the game woefully lacks in people who can consistently do endgame content all across the servers.
  5. 1. The efficiency of the character got reduced. No matter how much you twist and turn- that is the simple fact. There is no new gear to compensate for all stats lost. And even if there is it will take weeks to get it back. Sugar coat however much you like a poor game design choice. 2. If the game was in "easy mode", why was it implanted that way in first place and x- years later it got "fixed"? Raising the bar to farm up almost outdated gear, does not equal "making how it was supposed to be". 3. Skybreak Spire - I referred to raid name with initials. I am always amazed at psychic powers of some people, who are able to estimate another person via rows of text on the screen. Ever thought pursuing a fortune teller career?I have first hand experience recruiting raids and spending 30-40 min (at least) searching for a tank or anyone who can fill the role and/or buffs. And here we make a full circle and are back to the point of "bigger player pool". 4.Many people research before they enter a dungeon, but real experience is another thing isn't it? Our community does not have the patience to "wipe hundred times over", like in Korea servers. You are the prime example. A pot calling the kettle black. 5. You are fairly gifted in fairy tail department as well as in fortune telling, such a versatile person. Unless you have a limitless credit card - then I might believe and it is not my place to tell an adult ( I presume?) how to spend their money. I brought my point across, so there is nothing I can contribute to this topic anymore. I bow out.
  6. People feel scammed, because it was an outright stat reduction, that has no place in a MMO, where the game rewards a player for time/money investment, not punishes them with a major update. There was no reason behind scaling up old content and dungeons AND gold reduction. It makes zero sense from any point of view, but it is there and the ones who will suffer are new players. Clearing old content is not the issue here, it never was, quit doing mental gymnastics. The problem is that with scaling and gold reduction new/returning players can not compensate the gap in gear in any sensible amount of time, by the time a new content update rolls out they will barely hit SS, I myself have a hard time getting into SS raids and I have over 1 kAp and 50%crit rate, that is all one needs as a damage dealer, the base AP requirements jumped exponentially. The soft/hard stat cap should have been in place since day one, not rolling out an update x-years later with outright stat reduction. It is bad game design period and you defend it for some unfathomable reason. This game overall does NOT encourage team play, or explain the mechanics. People are forced to look up sources outside the game, so the whole "shitty players do not know how to stun - hur-dur" thing is lame at best. They introduced the training room, the should include proper mechanics in there as well to help people learn it VIA experience and understand things better. The thing is FOR YOU the content was NEW and there was nothing else to farm. NOW the content is what three updates old? When people will get around doing lvl 55 dungeons/raid, there will be at least two more updates.In best case the gap will remain virtually the same between chasing and old players. In reality, most likely the gap will be increased, which is bad. The servers are empty already, especially if you do not play in regional rush hours. Reducing the pool of players in end game will not benefit anyone, since those who are ahead will not go out of their way to help others to gear up and redo old dungeons. So there should be a healthy pool of players who still need to gear up. And this update outright discourages new players to play, because the threshold for gear has increased and they rarely/or do not meet it, with no place to properly practice game mechanics and people like you, who runned this thing 100 times over harping on them. We got only a superficial boost in AP. Over all it is just a shitty move on game developers part, where they most likely forgot about stat cap and figured out a "fix" x-years later. P.s. the whole stat reduction should apply only to new 55 lvl content, where it makes vague sense, if there is new gear to farm. Old dungeons with outdated 50 lvl gear should have remained the same, since they provide OLD gear.
  7. Oh wow, I am sure you will have a lot of fun playing with same four people who never get online, when you have available time. The servers are already pretty empty, especially if you do not play at regional rush hours. But, yeah let's encourage even more people to leave, cose it will be healthy for the game in general. I myself am a returning player, came back three months ago or so. Barely managed to farm up basic gear before the patch rolled out, but that is besides the point. Anyway, normal developers combat issues like 100% crit rate, or any 100% stat rate with soft caps, not outright reduction of stats! Who even came up with this?! As it is now I am at the same damage rate I was before the patch and I have actually upgraded the gear a bit after the big update. Meaning my character is actually weaker when facing old content, which was scaled accordingly apparently and the gold income form quests in old dungeons was cut. Apparently to discourage from farming used up content and concentrate the efforts on the new one?...I am missing the point behind the scaling up then...This patch in general is one big disappointment, as a catching up player I am sourly aware of the rift between myself and people who played the game consistently. They will be running new dungeons and I will be stuck barely getting a spot in Skybreak Spire to upgrade the weapon to raven, since the AP threshold jumped exponentially. No one expects to get things handed on a silver plait, but old content should be easier to deal with in order to at least somewhat close the gap. At this point I regret investing money in attempt to mitigate the endless rift in gear, at least it was not an amount one would depres over. Most like I will actually follow your advice and quit, no point in struggling past the artificial progress hurdles set in place by poor design choices.
  8. Legendary Bracelet Drop

    Your post would have been relevant, if major updates did not get rolled out every 3-5 months, making previous gear progress obsolete. As is now if you do a single dungeon 10 times a day on daily basis, it will take 20 days to get one accessory, by the time you have a full set a new major update is already intorduced. To decrease the amount of time, one could run hard mode, but absolute majority requests 950+ AP to participate. Not to mention, the player has to farm other resources to progress besides one dungeon. As is now 75% of player base do not reach the bare minimum to get into hard mode dungeons, much less into a raid for end game accessories, which mind you, still need time to farm.
  9. Top class for pvp

    First of all, when people throw around how someone won in a competition, they forget that tournaments have their own local server... Second Korea is a small country, extremely small. Combinations some FMs perform in those tournaments cannot be replicated by your average player, simply, due to ping. And most importantly - arena is nowhere near balanced, as some people pretend. Hongmoon levels and skills are a decisive factor, for some classes more so then for the others. But yes of course - it is about none skilled players!111!
  10. Seriously, just WTF is wrong with destroyers?

    KFM has a big learning curve, if the player knows how to handle the class, FM is one of the easiest to deal with for them. The class literally can negate everything FM can dish out and then some. The problem with KFM is that few people play it and even fewer master it. As for destroyers i have seen them wreak havoc on sin, getting them from full HP bar to 1/3 in matter of seconds. The more i play, the more i am convinced its just the class thing. Some are just better at fighting vs certain classes then others.
  11. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    Just to be fair to NCsoft here, they did lessen the ammount of in game chat spam. I still remeber how few weeks ago, it was pure hell. The block list was filled with in an hour of or two of gameplay. So at least they did something in that department, on other things you mentioned, I have to agree.
  12. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    The reason why warframe dose not have bots, is due to fact how its economy works. Everything of true value is obtained via cash currency (platinum), frame slots, weapon slots, upgrades, etc. You can trade between players only with cash currency, meaning credits are locked to account. Credits, another form of currency, can be farmed up with in the game. However, credits do not give you the coveted items. All in all there is simply nothing to farm for bots and that is the real reason why they do not exist in the game. Or if they do, its an insignificant ammount. I personally like the way developers decided to build their in game economy. By simply rooting out the core reason for bots existing in the game - profit. Another game, that did well with in game economy is Skyforge, they went a step further and simply locked the trade between players. Worked surprisingly well if done right. In all games that have farmable main currency, there are bots. They will exist simply because they can gain profit. To get rid from goldspamers ->bots, BnS will need a complete economy and gear progression overhaul, which will not happen. Ever. This is an established game. So we will see this problem and no for those sugesting for P2P (subscription) it will not work ether, WoW and Lineage are the prime examples. I just hope NCsoft will have enough resourses to, so to speak, close the leaks and reducing the bot flow within game.
  13. Seriously, just WTF is wrong with destroyers?

    I think its just the class thing. Some are better suited to fight against certain classes. I play as Force Master and destroyers need to perform at 110% just to get close to a good one, not mention a decent one, to even start their combo. On other hand, assassins and kung fu masters, are pretty difficult for a FM. At least for me. There is like literally no room for mistake versus those classes. So i gues, you should just keep on trying and figuring out what skill sets to use vs destroyers. Maybe you will find a certain combination.
  14. UnBalanced Classes

    As a FM myself all i can say about sins, it is probably the easiest class to handle, by a mile. FM has quite a few skills at their disposal to get sin out of stealth. Backstep, TAB AoE (heatwave), Frost Nova on 3 is very useful against sins, has a long cooldown as trade off, so use it wisely. And ofcourse if they port behind you, my all time favorite, 2 Dragon Charm, dazes the enemy on hit. Once they are behind you just pan the camera and hit 2, 90% of the time sins are dazed and open for counter attack. And ofcourse 1 is foolproof way to get them out of stealth, it is especially useful if you managed to land one or two hits with Frost Palm. Destroyers are tricky, depends mostly on the one you face. Heatwave is youre best friend, on bright side combat against them is usually slow paced, so your skills will have time to cooldown. The bane of my existence are still summoners. Even when i beat the damn cat, i usually am left with 1/3 HP in best case, and they have no trouble picking me apart....I think Summoners are the hardest class to deal with on FM.
  15. Enforced PvP not attractive.

    ........This game has been out for 5 years...Did you do zero research before you installed it? I have read thru all youre comments and let me tell you, you are one entitled, self centered person. And none of your "points" about content being locked away behind a PvP wall, hold true. I myself am mostly a PvE player, due to fact that i am outrageously bad at PvP, usually. However, i like how PvP is executed in this game. To participate, one needs to actively flag, which in turn mentally prepares one for ambush. That said, faction quest are mostly PvE with uniform on, if the player is repeatedly killed while questing they have the option to hop the channels or come back half an hour later. If a player keeps on following you on all channels, that actually can be classified as harassment. Oh and last, why do you think game content that has been out for YEARS should be changed just for you and few more people? Entitled logic right there.