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  1. Thanks for reply and sorry for late reply. As you has been comment only can be fused if exist a difference between a few levels but is strange don't fuse SSlv40 with other SSlv40 :/
  2. I check that and try to use Blackram Soul Shields... Same.
  3. I start to play after last patch (yesterday), I farm a few times Profanes Soul Shields and complete the SShield, after this I try to Fuse with my old Sacrifice set and appear as unavailable, that mean I can't fuse Soul Shields, I try to fuse my old Sacrifice set and still appearing as impossible - thing a little extrange because my old Sacrifice Set has been fused a few times to reach max. stats. Screenshots:
  4. No, maintenance is done, If everything is alright with your launcher and game you must download new patch (1.3gb aprox.)
  5. See... People talking shit about others computers but don't know nothing about games / opt. I wanna try that method but I have AMD so... is not for me. BUT if you have nVidia/GTX try it.
  6. Guys please, if you have more than 90fps don't post anything, everybody who has been played RU or KR/JP/CH (or whatever, you know, asians) knows what this version strangely have too many drop FPS, I don't have the real response but really this version have more issues on FPS than any other version. You can ask with your friends with similar or best own computer specs and I'm sure one of them 'll have drop fps.
  7. Well, well, to NA this time is almost perfect, for EU and SA is not perfect, you must think here are more than 6-8am. By the way if this can solve lag issues with servers, prevent/instaban/instablock spammers, fix stupids area bugs (yep, you walk like every day and see your character coming back and stuck with the floor) and so on and say: "Okey we gonna close for a while" I'll reply; "okey, no problemo", but how this maintenance are for almost nothing I'm with you on that fell.
  8. Very nice draw. Btw: No boobs no B&S Character.
  9. This forum is "underconstruction" on a manner of speaking, so not new if someone report something not working haha. Like; activity, change avatar or login.
  10. No needed. Play on same server or one of you two change to the other server. This happen when you do friends on CrossServer LFP :/
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