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  1. Show off your characters!!

    decided to come back to the game and made me my gunslinger c:
  2. Pay to Win? or Not?

    Oh, I'm not even maxed yet as I play leisurely, so I didn't know about the failing, but yeah with a system like that it will just *cricket* ppl over, hopefully when we get a patch about the failing process for it to be less brutal.
  3. Pay to Win? or Not?

    lol sounds like taking advantage over unintentional reasons for sure. If the game does become pay to win just means the hard workers gotta work harder right?
  4. Hot fixing broken classes?

    Hotfixing classes in bns will prolly go back to how they hotfixed afk timer, ppl will do their best to not log out and patch XD SO I think just doing downtime would be better, and noone's pcs wont explode from heat.
  5. Just unlock the Warlock already

    even so that mod doesn't even work on the NA/EU version so you wont have to worry about that. ANd if you want to make a loli go ahead, who cares as long as you have fun right?
  6. Just unlock the Warlock already

    LOL its best not to talk to people on forums drunk dude, you will look super silly. Anyway I been lurking this thread for a while cuz I too am interested in lock's release, But just cuz someone throws in their two cents doesn't mean you gotta get butthurt about it. Disregarded it, what waifu said is basically harmless, and yeah I seen some attacks hidden in this thread other than legit discussion so no one is derailing unless you egg it on. Also Jin are more graceful looking so I might make mine a male one.
  7. Compensation?

    i stub my toe so i cant play, give compensation ncsoft. :c
  8. Support CLass?

    I agree that summoner is more dps support than some baby sitting healer lol So you can build a summ to heal, guess what even assassin has a party healing skill with their smoke bomb does that make them support? hell no cuz its still a dps.
  9. Japan Voices In NA?

    I dont think its possible without bypassing the launcher. But tbh the English voices suck! Namsoyoo sounds like a 11 year old yet the japanese actually had it in them to make her sound like a young woman. e-e
  10. Remove Force Masters

    stronk* @OP Also yeah if you can't beat a FM thats your own damn fault. You'd think after all those losses youd think of a new tactic right? or is your tactic faceroll harder than the FM since apparently all you have to do is bash your face on the keyboard to play one lol.
  11. Word of advice to playing Open World PVP:

    I think they misunderstood what you said your wording is a bit confusing.