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  1. Crimson? Have fun and enjoy with Lightning!

    Hi there thank you for your erply. Sorry for getting back to you after a week... Since the last time I wrote, most of us are level 45 already, our recruiting is now from level 45.
  2. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

    Do you get to play Blade and Soul? YES Are you forced to play Blade and Soul? YES, this society makes me play it, i'm so FORCED :( Can you give the people that work on the game a bloody chance to do their job?? I' am in NO POSITION to give out jobs or MAKE Them work OR NOT How do you get to be such impatient...people? The society MAKES ME :( Do you live in the real world, where you work and have a boss and do what you are told to do? NO, NO, NO this world is a BIG ILLUSION i live in! Oh wait - these are rethorical questions not to be answered? :P [ cynism] off [/ cynism]
  3. Fire or Ice build? - FM.

    https://bnstree.com/FM/4k6y2KyYe I have no creativity and use others' recomendations uhuu
  4. Stupid maintenance time

    roughtl 51 minutes left
  5. Stupid maintenance time

    1 more hour to flame! , Uhh wait I mean.
  6. Servers crashed ?!

    they were up for a hour or something.
  7. RIP Servers again

    After two hours of the last reboot - new problems? or is it just me? (while cross server entering, I was stuck at timer 0... " entering...) I did force restart (exit/quit, start game, force boot character, entering) ... Now stuck at " connecting...."
  8. Stuck after entering my PIN

    bumpp... having this problem now :(
  9. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    Too many players logging in at once, login can't handle it swiftly I see...
  10. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/159277-scheduled-maintenance-%E2%80%93-1272016/ Based on the last reply of (see link) this topic, the servers are done seperately. So European servers maintenance could be done on night time for CET? E.g. 4 am - 8 am ? or 5 am - 9 am?
  11. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    I'm not sure how it works A- They do maintenance at a certain time, because those are ' office hours' ? B- They check at the database what time there is a minimum amount of players in general, and set up a fixed time for maintenance?
  12. cant login

    Please look at anouncements