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  1. Because people can act the way they never would face to face with someone, because it would result in them being fired/expelled or punched so *cricket*ing hard, it would remove the yellow from their teeth.


    It's unfortunately the downside to Internet usage. Back 15+ years ago this was never an issue because people using the Interwebs were normal people who wanted to enjoy themselves. Now it's a basic thing for your average idiot, where no test is required before being able to use it.

  2. Hey peeps,


    Considering that most people are whining right now, what are you normal people doing? Some of you will be reading the forums while at work/school, but for those of you on vacation/unemployment/off sick, what you doing while the servers are down?


    Personally I have an extended weekend, so I'm taking the time to finally start watching One Piece :D (on episode 76 out of 700+)