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  1. More content?????

    Moolin, I'm talking about discipline not abuse. Also please don't think that every post in this thread is directed towards you personally.
  2. Is this ban worthy?

    Even if it's ban or not, it doesn't personally affect you, correct? If you face these people in PvP they are going to be useless, as they've not actually learnt anything apart from standing still and killing another standing still person. If NCSoft bans them, then they'll just go ahead, make a new account and continue doing the same thing. This can only be resolved by changing the system, so you don't gain anything (Achievement criteria/prestige points) when you kill the same person mulitple times within a set timeframe. Personally I hope we see a few bans as the forums do become more lively when that happens :D
  3. More content?????

    I already know what I'll be doing once I hit lvl 45 and I don't mind what happens when the leveling ends. There are unfortunately new gamers/console kiddies or people with just a lack of understanding that can't understand how MMOs work and still have the mentality of "I want it now now now!". Just a clear example of not being slapped around enough by their parents, when they were younger.
  4. Summoner: The Truth

    I've noticed that more people are becoming used to playing against Summoners, but of course you will still have the players who do not want to learn and will continue to complain until they have their I win button. Eitherway the more people that take part in the arena and actively learn/improve makes for an interesting arena experience. I will of course accept the free points from the complainers/ragequitters.