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  1. Daily Dash

    It's to make it far for everyone. Remember that some people who are joining right now, will have had less days on the Dash that yourself and others. Personally making it so the dash is not longer visual once completed, would solve a lot of issues.
  2. Poharan's Perfume

    Unfortunately NCSoft don't follow the same kind of procedure or policies, they you've experienced in other MMOs. This is unfortunately the system working as intended! I agree that having the ability to trade within the cross server dungeon (items that dropped), would make things easier. It's a feature that be can designed and tested by the developers within a matter of weeks. Of course making it fit within the dungeon system and only the items gained within, would stop cross server items/gold trading for things outside of that timeframe/instance/dungeon. If you do however get assistance with those items being moved, it would be a surprising shock in the right direction of customer support.
  3. Transformation Stones

    As soon as people start putting up the materials from Merry Potter, so I can start making my Unsealing Charms, I can then start making some money. Right now I'm just stocking up of shells ... but no one is making the mud water things I need xD So I may have to go ahead and create an alt with those professions, just so I can get things done. I just trying to decide if I should go Destroyer, Assassin or Force Master xD
  4. Transformation Stones

    It's a bit annoying to say the least Lemonaide, but the prices will come down... but yeah if you don't have the means to the make the gold outside of just doing your daily quests, then it can be a bit time consuming. Also it doesn't help that most of the time the Market Place is offline on Greenhallow, making it impossible to sell items/crafting items or buying anything for that matter.
  5. Transformation Stones

    You should have got some when doing your quests in the area. I think I had to purchase 1 or 2 from the Market Place in the end, but you should at least get a few while in that zone. By the way, wait until you have to get Moonwater trans stones ... either make sure you picked the right profession and got the receipes, or start saving up that gold :P
  6. Banned for no reason.

    Unfortunately Maienhel, they do not have to tell you a reason behind the ban. They reverse the right to ban any account and not even a given a reason. It's within the Terms of Use/EULA that you agree too, each time you log into the game.
  7. Buying Premium Membership

    I'm not sure, but I would be very careful of scammers.
  8. Too much CC

    Make sure you're using the right skills for PvP and take the time to learn. What I do is to record my games and rewatch them afterwards to see what I did wrong and avoid it from happening again in future matches.
  9. Personally I don't care if pixels are censored, it doesn't change the way I play the game.
  10. So much crap... not enough space....

    Oh look another F2P person who is complaining about a free game that they are playing and want to get premium related/online store items for free!
  11. Summoner needs a fix

    I went summoner because I knew they would be the unplayed class. Everyone wants to have le boobies! Only when I first did my arena quest, did I notice that, that was an extremely easy win. *loads up for another match* "WINNER" It was clear that many people we are facing in the arena right now, don't really know what they're doing. They have the wrong skills, wrong soul shields and the wrong gems in their weapons. Thus far I've only lost 2 and both times it was a 3 round match, with 1 win going to me. Force Masters are a pain in the ass if they are played by people who have an ounce of understanding. I do know my next class I'll be making is a Destroyer ... spin to win!! SPIN TO WIN!!!
  12. Fastest way to get Unsealing charm??

    That reminds me, I need to start mass producing my charms this weekend.
  13. What is the drop rate of Dark Sandstorm?

    Oh that is a sexy costume. If it can be sold on the Market Place, then it's going to be an extremely rare drop chance. Damn you Somnolence, I will now have to farm that dungeon now xD
  14. The sense of entitlement comes from not being punished enough when they were a child, so if anyone is to blame it's their parents for not doing a good enough job to teach their kids some common sense.
  15. What is the drop rate of Dark Sandstorm?

    Can you just confirm what the Dark Sandstorm is?
  16. Ah another thread of F2P player(s) complaining about something that they want for FREE (considering they are playing the game for free), and they're unhappy because they have to pay to obtain something ... I love these threads :D
  17. Summoner needs a fix

    "i chose summoner because i thought they were a priest or healer if you will.. i wanted to heal in instances.. but i guess the classes roles are more scattered to my liking.." I'm at a loss for words, you really didn't take the time to do any kind of research or even listen to what the game is telling you, when you're picking the class, that you want to play. Also in regards to the arena, silver is unfortunately the noob(ish) level. When you start facing gold and people who actually now how to lock you down, then it's a piece of cake to take anyone out, with any class in the game. Remember that most people are entering the arena due to the quests that they are given, while leveling up.
  18. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    True, it's only a matter of time before things do end up like what Aion turned into.
  19. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I haven't come across bots yet, but I imagine things will get worse in time, if NCSoft don't become more proactive on their bot removal procedures.
  20. Summoner needs a fix

    May I ask what rating you're in the arena Turpsiie?
  21. Summoner needs a fix

    I have decided to recreate the OP thread as to what he really meant to say: "I made a Summoner, cos they were said to be OP ... even though I'm on a 3rd world Internet connection, I knew I could still own people, even if I am really bad, but don't want to openly admit it. However; it quickly came to my attention that even with a possible OP character (which I later found out ,is more about skill, than the class), I was quickly owned by people who have a higher IQ than me, which isn't that hard to be perfectly honest. So I know decided to make a post trying to cover the fact that I'm bad and blame it everything else." This pretty much sums it up :D
  22. Hey all, I'm still a newbie to the game, but almost 45. I didn't really spend much time on much profession, but I'm tempted to reroll from Silver Cauldron to make transformation stones ... just because I need them more than potions. I was wondering if anyone knows, that if you drop a profession, do you lose that progression on that profession or will it still be there if you go back to it later? Thanks. Doowie
  23. Dropping professions

    Ah, thats good to know. Thanks Pangu. I'm probably going to roll another character during my lunch break at work to level up the profession to make the transformation stones.
  24. Bid System sucks.

    Don't try and explain it to him AttacKat, he'll just get confused.
  25. New content arriving feb 10th, questions.

    Finally we can get the Zen Beans \o/