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  1. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    Ah, I didn't really notice that. Well I'm making gold quickly now, so I will check it out, once I get to that stage :)
  2. Good morning Crickets, So I wanted to ask you beautiful people (some of your F2P'ers are beautiful as well), what do you want to see added in the future, class wise? Personally I would love to see an Archer/Ranger! I do miss my bow or even gun related classes. I look forward to see what people come up with :) Doowie
  3. Is it a Closed Beta?

    No it's a full release
  4. I get all the free chicken ... I'm the guy who wears the outfit outside of KFC to get all the people to come inside and spend their money. I think I saw you there a few times. Have to say, we can't make the door any wider, so you may want to cut back on the chicken!
  5. Servrers down ??

    Use existing threads instead of creating new ones.
  6. Servers crashed ?!

  7. I want some free KFC and a refund on my petrol money that I used to get home from work NCSoft. This is such a pain ... I mean listen to the child on here, who have F2P only and are just demanding compensation ... they haven't even got themselves a proper job yet ... I feel I should get at least some free chicken out of this... I mean .. come on ... free chicken tastes better, cos you don't have to pay for it! FREE CHICKEN!!
  8. Manly cats!

    I'm happy with my rubber ducky outfit on my companion for the moment... until they add something, which makes me go:
  9. Servers crashed ?!

    When you go to enter the server, but the it's still down:
  10. Servers crashed ?!

    Come my fellow Summoner ... set your companions onto them ... make them feel sorry.... make them cry!!
  11. Servers crashed ?!

  12. Servers crashed ?!

    I'm stuck at work, so I'm fine with the downtime as long as they back when for when I get home in an hour!
  13. Servers crashed ?!

    I remember back in the days of Lineage 2, that the gold sellers back then IGE, had share holders, who were also share holders of NCSoft, was very amusing :D
  14. READ THIS!

    Can you link the threads that you've looked at where others have commented, that they are also having problems with the GT 630 graphics card? Can you take a screenshot of the error message you receive, when you try to load up Blade & Soul?
  15. Servers crashed ?!

    I was wondering what happen to my client, that I always have running in the background, while working. (leveling up professions).
  16. oh man

    I enjoy everything I play, I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to MMOs :D But of course like you said, everybody plays differently.
  17. oh man

    Once I get the Sin to 45 and get it up to Siren items, I'll time both my Summoner and the Sin :)
  18. oh man

    Summoners are on par, but Sins can clear a bit quicker :P
  19. oh man

    Also sins are the best at solo clearing dungenons. You just seem to be a bit bad at the class :P
  20. READ THIS!

    You're using a laptop right? Can you make sure that your laptop is not making it so your onboard Intel HD isn't being used instead. Also make sure you have the latest drivers for your GT 630M.
  21. READ THIS!

    Ok, he's referring to a graphic driver issue. I'm using an Nvidia card both here at work and at home and everything is working fine for me. Can you tell me what graphics card you have?
  22. Blackwyrm

    63 million hp and requires a few people with some understanding of movement. I don't believe it's been killed on Greenhallow yet, but it could be that I've just been around when it's been attempted. I know other servers have killed him.