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  1. Remove Warlock Loot From The Tables

    1st world problems!
  2. Fixing the wardrobe [Suggestion]

    I say we ban forums access to everyone who keeps talking about the damn wardrobe.
  3. I'm not defending NCSoft and they could do a hell of a lot better. However; NCSoft do not have the resources to have ingame Game Masters. NCSoft have always relied on 3rd party companies to provide their support, which has been very limited in what they can say and do. It's why people are provided with templated answers to very basic questions. But to be perfectly honest, reading these forums I wouldn't care about most of you either. Most of you are self righteous, entitled kids, that need a good slap. Even WoW back in it's release had major issues for the first few weeks/months and any good that has a smooth launch is a diamond in the rough. So as with any veteran gamer out there, I would say, just deal with it and expect these kind of things to happen from time to time. If the servers go down, big whoop. Use that downtime to do something in your personal life. As I'm a summoner this gif fits for this situation:
  4. I never said hardware wasn't the issue. I'm saying that you believe the hardware is outdated, but I'm going to run a guess and say you've never done kind of of computer engineering or server administration before in your life... apart from what you probably state in tickets to support saying you're a computer technician. Hardware as amazing as it can, does have it faults, does this mean that the newest hardware of the market is going to be perfect and never have an issue? The answer there boys and girls is ... no. The problem can always be caused by the connection that is being used to allow us to connect to the servers. We don't know who the provider is and it's one of many possible reasons. However; you still need to understand the grand scheme of things and that is Internet Games Are Never Problem Free!
  5. Transformation stone

    What are you smoking? I work 5 days a week, I'm at the point of upgrading to Siren on my staff and I'm going to be at around 60g this evening, once I finish my dailies, after I finish work today.
  6. You people will do over exaggerate like there is no tomorrow. "Oh noes the servers are down, I have no life to live!". Seriously, the servers are down due to the main team working on Blade & Soul is in the United States. You know the other side of the ocean, where the timezone is different. So the maintenance is during a time frame, where most of you should be doing your homework or at least trying to remove the smell of B.O, that you've built up over the past week. Get over it.... you people and your 1st world problems. You said the hardware is outdated? Do you have any information to back up this claim? Have you personally walked into the data centre in Frankfurt and personally inspected each server blade? All of you need to grow the *cricket* up and understand that with Internet based games, shit happens. Servers will go down, there will be latency, some features will stop working.... but look I bet 99% of you are still logged in right now, playing the game. If you really want something to complain about, may be go look in the mirror. /rant over!
  7. any other way to get these crystals ?

    So including the faction dailies, which I've never had any issues with. Most people just run away from me, when I'm doing my daily quests ... no clue way :(
  8. any other way to get these crystals ?

    Some dungeon chests can drop them. I got 2 from solo running a Tome of Exiles earlier.
  9. DPS Meter please

    Yeah, but that's in the bedroom and I'm too lazy to make an alarm on my phone xD I'm kinda glad I have an expensive coffee machine, so I can just press the button when I go to the bathroom :P
  10. Marketplace

    Well I just got this and it's not allowing me to search through pages since you mentioned it.
  11. Marketplace

    That's indeed weird. You using the repair feature or even going as far as reinstalling the client?
  12. Marketplace

    You get the same when opening the marketplace through the NPC as well?
  13. Marketplace

    Have you changed the channel within the zone you're in, to see if that makes any difference?
  14. Marketplace

    I normally get this once per day and a restart of the client always resolves it for me.
  15. Marketplace

    Just restart the client.
  16. And this is why I solo Brightstone Ruins.
  17. mouse and ban

    Just make sure to take away from Razer mice/keyboards. Not that you'll get banned for using them, but they will end up breaking within a year. Hense why I bought a Ducky Shrine 3 keyboard and so far my Roccat Kone XTD hasn't let me down yet.
  18. mouse and ban

    You can buy a mouse/keyboard/monitor/chair and you won't get banned for using them. If you're however caught abusing software that automates the gameplay, then you'll get banned.
  19. Proper player reports

    The reporting system does need to be better. Also we need a cross server vote kick system. But this is one of the reasons, I now solo Brightstone Ruins. I like to do it with groups as I just like to have that social aspect of the game. However; when you get those AFKers or someone who decides to ninja loot all the end boss items with a quick change to masterlooter, the social aspect is just more of an inconvenience than anything else right now.
  20. How the hell do you defeat summoners?

    If the summoner is smart (not many of us are), they will be using their Q and E correctly.
  21. Summoner VS ForceMaster

    Also helps when you post in the correct section of the forums ;)
  22. How the hell do you defeat summoners?

    You shall all fear the Kitty Cat Summoners!
  23. Blackram Narrows

    OP & 1st world problems!!
  24. I just wish we had the option ingame to change the ingame voices to Korean/Japanese, but still keep the English subtitles. It's how most of us watch Anime and would just add to the whole experience of the game in my personal opinion. I also wish they wouldn't edit/censor some of the content when it's being changed to the Western "casual" gamer.