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  1. Please teach us Master How do you make 30g a day without selling soulstones from those dailies. Because i smell really nasty bs coming from this direction. Oh and i mean reguraly 30g, not by getting lucky and obtaining something good from the dungs or boxes because rngesus.
  2. BW is Blackwyrm and terrors are those bosses dropping boxes with all kind of goodies including key to blackwyrm chest, they wander around at the very bottom of the misty woods map.
  3. Dragon Age is a RPG game. BnS is a MMORPG game which as many is saying is focused on pvp at max lvl. I like the story myself but usualy in these kind of games it's just an addition to the rest of the content. There's plenty of stuff for pve players to do aswell + as someone has mentioned you can just farm bw + terrors for soulstones and that's without encountering any pvp whatsoever.
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