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  1. I just manage to fix this yesterday by opening nvidia control panel - manage 3D setting, and change phsyX option from automatic to my NVidia gpu. If you want you can also change other setting to prioritize performance over quality. The problem is somehow bns use cpu for 3d rendering instead of gpu. Previously I got 10-30 fps using low setting but now I get constant 60fps with high end setting and even without ctrl-f Cheers
  2. Hi guys, I am returning player, the last time I play is around Shogun Lament update around 570atp as FM. This week I just login and manage upgrade weapon to just until before baleful and now have 700+ atp. Can someone help explain to me which heroic dungeon I should farm now? Or perhaps that 24man raid? I lost on what to do currently.. And I notice I can unlock several hongmoon skill without the achievement, is this normal?
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