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  1. Huhu, gibt es eine Seite mit aktuellen Klassenguides, speziell Rotationen? Gern auch in englisch Eventuell gibts ein Discord Server für Klassen?
  2. Ok thanks. https://bnstree.com/skills/blade-dancer?id=ByfGNZm1M is this a good build? but how i start with wind? i have no experience with the wind build. i´m a noob ^^
  3. hi guys, know i have a ticket to get a level 50 character. i choose a bd. for long time ago, i played a bd, but know i dont have any ideas what i have to do. for pve ... wind or lightning? which is better to have constant dmg? my ping is not the best, so i have little laggs in combat. which weapon i have to use? bale oder seraph? can some help me with the start kombo? what i have to do in start of the fight? i´m sorry, my englisch is not the best :)
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