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  1. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    Greetings! This is a ranty feedback. Use it as you wish So I gave this game a try. My friend started playing it, I was bored and was looking for a new game to invest my time in, and from the videos I saw, this game looked really good. But I was so wrong. This is just another basic mmo, with slightly better graphics and slightly better combat. Issues according to me: - Weak story (The story is so basic it hurts) - Terrible character models - Scenery is unimpressive and boring to look at - NPC's are VERY static and does nothing interesting - Enemies are gathered nicely like a bunch of cattle on each field - Ability animations are fine, but idle animations are a joke - We don't have default dodge - Cooldowns are long and slows down the combat - We can't modify our skill tree but instead are forced to use our basic ones, while the rest are locked behind combos - We can't interupt skills and adapt to combat situations - The assassin has a freaking landmine...... - Slow movement speed during combat - WAY too much emphasize on female characters I could go on with this list but I wont. Bottom line, the game looks better than older mmos, and the combat is a step forward from turn based combat. But considering we have games like Tera, Vindictus and FFXIV, I simply don't understand why anyone would play this game. It's so basic, there is nothing unique or innovative about it. Hell the game was suppossedly great because of its combat system, but I found it slow, dull and extremely unengaging. So that's it for me. I won't be playing this game. Guh-bye
  2. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    I love when people insult others instead of trying to make a counter argument. It makes me feel like Im right.
  3. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    I think I logged out at lvl 6 or 7. Doesn't change the points that I made though, regardless of my levels.
  4. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    Combat animations are great in BnS, but the combat is slow. You dont have default block, you cant run fast during combat, you cant adjust your skill loadout, you can't interupt your own combos to adapt to a combat situation. Tera has ALL that. So while combat might be more visually impressive in some situations in BnS, there is no way in hell that Tera is worse. It has a more in depth and smooth combat system than BnS could ever have.
  5. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    The combat system of Tera was fantastic and the scenery was a lot more impressive. They put more emphasize on PvE which is important in my opinion. It's a major portion of the game so it should be good. The combat is fast and skill based. Master block and attacks and you can solo a lot in that game. You can even interupt combos to adapt to a situation in combat. We also have BAMS (Big Ass Monsters) each with their own interesting mechanics. Tera is not perfect, and basic in some ways. But the combat system was fantastic for an action based mmo.
  6. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    No I appreciate the fact you address what I said. I made a discussion to be discussed.
  7. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    No Im 174cm tall, and weigh 65kg. I just don't think with my dick.
  8. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    Why have 200 hours of content if it's suppossed to be wasted away in order to get to the good part of the game? If it's THIS centered around pvp, they should ditch pve all together.
  9. No dodge?

    So I was told this was an action based combat mmo, with personal skill progression. Meaning, how good you are with your skills determines your strength. Not like old, dull mmos, where everything is about gear, and getting the first attack in. So far, my first impression is pretty bad. No dodge mechanic? So if I see a giant aoe around me, Im just supposed to tank it? What do I get? Skill based dodges? With what, 5min cooldowns? I'm going to compare this game to Tera because Tera got the action based combat right. Blocking at the exact right time, dodging, and moving fast. This game has none of that, at least very early on. Combat movement speed is slow, the first ability has slow animation, and we dont have any quick dodge. So am I in for a surprice later?
  10. No dodge?

    Thanks for the comments, they were very helpful.
  11. No dodge?

    Ping based? That sounds like a great concept for combat in a game released in 2016. Action based combat should be polished and smooth. This is pathetic. I'll give it a try for a bit, but so far, this game seems like just another avarage mmo. They could have expanded upon the amazing combat system of Tera, not release a game with a worse one. Although it's not the same company, they could at least have taken notice of what they were competing against.
  12. No dodge?

    What about later skills? Even the basic attacks of the assassin is very slow and sluggish. There is a 0.5 - 1sec delay when tapping LMB for the attack to start.
  13. Gold Seller Bots Getting Out of Hand

    This is a problem for every new mmo. Lets hope they manage to fix it sooner than later. A lot of mmos has been able to almost completely excinct them, so if we are lucky, the developers will be able to find a solution quickly by looking at other mmos.