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  1. When I use Fighting spirit and have bombard Specked, It transform my bombard into heart stab. (I'm not sure if that is intended). Example A: When I use Fighting spirit (BB) and have dragon bracelet equipped, it transform my RMB to heart stab, even thought I have bombard specked. Ether way, the heart stab that is represented to me does not get any effect of the Holy fire soul badge and is therefore complacently useless, for my bombardment. 'm not sure if it gets any effect from revelation mystic badge. As I'm to lazy to check damage numbers but I would asume that's the case. However thi
  2. Hello I'm a fellow sin player, And i noticed after the patch that we dont have ANY way to "unconscious" Anyone anymore, it might seem dumb, but it was one of my favorite moves. I for one would like to have it back, Or am I the only one missing the ability? Anyone have any information regarding the topic on why they removed it on sins, please inform me.
  3. I'm just upset that I cant even play the game, without paying them every month, I just want an option where the consumer can pay them one time and actually just collect stuff. If NCsoft can only get people to pay them by abusing inventory spaces, then well sucks to be them, anyway, I decided to use mods instead.
  4. It stays in the wardrobe until you take them out. No i'm not asking for a wardrobe I'm simply asking for space to put my costumes in at all. cause right now there is more outfits then there is storage over all and if I wished to remove my current outfits from the wardrobe I would not even fit them all in my Vault, THAT is the core problem I'm seeking to fix. And I hope other people is starting to see this problem as well.
  5. Hello my name is Pleasure, and I used to be a premium member, hell I even bought the collectors edition. Premium membership is awesome. Well at one point I had to go free to play for various reasons in my life however that's not what's important here. After becoming free to play I had a lot of costumes in my wardrobe. And my vault was already exploding with crafting materials at the time and it saddens me, I cant ever take out my costumes that I have collected over the year. For I simply does not have the space. I understand that the wardrobe is a luxury feature in the premium membership and I
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