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  1. ....Just adding a gunner class .... easy idea
  2. Bonjour je sais qu'il en a qui vont me dire que ses le système économique du jeu( je Comprend) Mais avouez que sa serait plaisant pour tous ,au pire mettre un bonus pour les rank 7 a 10 sa serait agreable ( je dit sa car sa me tante pas de tout racheter les costume ...dit le gars qu'i acheter la moitier des costume de la boutique) Merci !!
  3. or they are just a Benefit to a new rank 8to 10
  4. they have a good economic system just a watch hongmoon coin his works . It's not just for money but for our money I already buy several character , and now they tease us warlock . And I vien just remark that suit the daily dash does not bind account ..... This is what I want to talk
  5. i know but i spend ncoin for the same cloth when a star a new character
  6. Why the Wardrobe isnt bind on account !! plz fix it
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