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  1. Prior to patch you had convenient options for those who couldn't life BnS. At least they got their Daily challenges done (abeit with less mats because they had to do basin/TOI due to lack of time). Now with this patch, not only have you removed the quick dailies, you increased the count to 4 as well as made them dynamic based (not to mention the gold nerfs). This isn't even close to the same as before patch and definitely not an improvement.
  2. Clearing mini bosses will clear a camp. Yet all that happens is they get stunned. Has happened in all 3 runs from 1-3. Please fix.
  3. "To increase pvp population, you are not allowed to play after XX:XX PM"...logs out.
  4. As title says, the stream mentioned elysian crystal will be gauranteed 1 per box? opened one and it did not contain one nor does it show up in the loot table
  5. My bad, yes i have been only doing HM...I just did one nm and i see the covenant bracelet in the dynamic box...looks like nm farming for it. Thank you.
  6. Dear GM's, Please fix the covenant braclet problem. The braclet is meant to be a chance drop from the dynamic boss Zakan much like DT (covenant necklace). I suspect with all the mat/loot changes, this braclet is non-existent. Have run multi's EC since the mat changes and I have never sen a covenant braclet drop in dungeon. I recall these are not meant to be that rare. This is required as a breakthrough mat for legendary braclet stage-9.
  7. Its kind of chicken and egg, if we didn't have so many AFKers people would not be so impatient. I do agree that the circumstance of the fire lockout preventing player from hitting box but that is lower chance as if you have been partcipating for the majority of the dungeon, chances are people will wait. You could also just requeue and join again. The problem of leeching and AFK needs to be solved first and foremost.
  8. If a player does not hit the boss, they should not receive the quest reward or dynamic boxes. Only problem is cold storage & impatient people not waiting for others leechers are a bigger problem. Can't see why this is hard to implement.
  9. Experienced same thing multiple times as well. Its an obvious an exploit and causes grievance to players who want to experience a genuine clan battle.
  10. Same, wish you could turn in yunsang beads for it, would make rng life more rewarding as opposed to bitter.
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