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  1. I wish for a Gon Gunner too! Gon is master race! <<<NO GON NO GAME!>>> *ragequit*
  2. I wanted to get rid of some old expensive untradeable costume outfits that I've purchased from the Hongmoon Store cash shop a long time ago. Is there, or will there be a system in place that will enable for you to exchange them for another costume? :-(
  3. Happy Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year everyone. It is just too bad that so far we will not get a special costume release for this important occasion. :-( Cheers.............
  4. @Yaviey@Hime The Chinese and Vietnamese New Year is just about 3 days away and I have not heard anything from the BnS team so far on the special release of new costumes for the occasion. T_T *sobs* q_q
  5. Oh I see. PS: Yea, the costume in the new pics is indeed very lovely. Thank you for noticing. ^_^
  6. @Rukkirii@Hime@Youmukon , are there any updates or plans to release the new costume outfits as requested in my first post above?
  7. Hello @Rukkirii@Hime@Youmukon@Yaviey. I was wondering since Blade and Soul is an Asian-themed MMORPG, is there any plan by the BnS team to release new costumes to the players for this upcoming Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year here in North America? The Asian holiday is coming up really fast this January of this year [2017]. If so, what costumes are you releasing? Any pictures of them? By the way, this would be my favorite costume shown below:
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