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  1. It's not like I queue every day, but I have queued a few dozen times in the last few years. I just wanna farm moonstones. Sometimes I've queued for literally over an hour. Yet, in the last two years, I've LITERALLY NEVER FOUND A GAME. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW 6v6 WORKS BECAUSE I'VE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO TRY IT. Is the game broken? Or is Battlegrounds really just dead?
  2. Bm pvp

    Tbh I've only been as high as gold but I'd say go lightning and spec everything into CC. I mean stun on flicker, daze on tab, etc. Vs BM and Warlock who have infinite parry, spec C into parry pierce, vs summoner there's basically nothing you can do so I'd spec resist to buy time - everything else spec C into approach. For V spec into escape against assassin so you can hit them out of their stealth. Aside from that, use the Damage spec. Use your cc's but don't use them all at once. Keep using them until your opponent is out of escapes. Once their escapes are down, knock them up with Five Point Strike and hit V immediately. Wait as long as you can, hit rmb to continue the aircombo, wait as long as you can and use ascend. If their escapes were down, as they land they'll eat your V's full damage. DPS during this time. Lightning will always be better than Fire for PvP because you can DPS without needing Fulmination. If you wanna DPS in fire build, you either need to use Flicker+Dragontongue which will waste your flicker stun, or spec tab into Conflagration.
  3. I quite literally played against the same Blade Dancer 13 times in a row, he went from Silver to Plat over those games. How can you match a 1400s silver gunner character against a platinum blade dancer? High silvers should rarely even see golds, why am I matched against the same person over and over?
  4. Can a dev disclose the ACTUAL success rate of Premium Transformation Stones? Lots of people say it's theoretically 50% but a vast majority of people get 20% or less. Personally I have about 25% success rate. Why keep it hidden? It's already a risk, why not let us know the odds we're faced with if we take the risk?
  5. Hackers in PVP?

    Idk I win some and I lose some but I just went against a Warlock that stood still for 2 minutes wasting my time, standing still completely invincible doing absolutely nothing. Then suddenly I died in one hit, 100-0. My connection was just fine, wasn't lag, he just stood there with a permanent resist and then randomly one-shotted me. Then earlier in the week I went up against a SF that aircombo'd me 13 times in a row from beginning to end of each round (literally impossible to escape). I'm not saying he knocked me up that many times during the whole fight, I quite literally mean that I was shot up as I was falling 13 times in a row. Can't silver show names so hackers can be banned? And what a bizarre choice of hacks because that was weird, but there's no other explanation.
  6. Too much RAM-CPU usage...

    I had 16gb of RAM and according to task manager, BnS eats up 98% of my RAM when I'm playing and it causes my FPS to drop like hell. I upgraded to 32gb of RAM recently, but for some reason now BnS eats up 23.8Ggb of RAM. Wtf is wrong with this game?