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  1. That kind of sucks.. My summoner's roots never reseted anything as far as I remember..
  2. It happens so often its frustrating. I had a mini boss in bsh24 reset 4 times without even moving from its respawn point until I figured out my soul shackles were responsible for the reset lol. Then I tried soloing brightstone but its pretty damn ridiculous to even try since the KFM boss (or any boss/mob/whatever) resets all the damn time. Really disappointing, specially considering the fact that I even bought the HM book for my warlock.
  3. Yeah but in this case, people are sending items to another character in the same account, it shouldn't really trigger the ban hammer.
  4. Lel. I mean, if you're one of those guys who think DAILIES are the way to make gold, then I can see why you think true pirate is "too much" for the ~normal~ players.
  5. FINALLY finished tweaking my warlock preset. I think I have 7 or 8 pages of item claim just waiting for it, including regium corvus and pure white (yussss).. A LOT of keys, just in case.. Also been farming brightstone pretty much every day to hoard some gold... and thats pretty much it :p.
  6. If I remember correctly, upgrading to gale later on will increase the maximum amount of slots to 6 and also remove the previously opened 4th slot, so everyone will have to open it once again (its either this ORRRR everyone gets a free 4th slot later on, either way, it evens everyone out). For my current true profane staff, the cost is 4 gem hammers plus 1g20s, and honestly, I think thats quite cheap. Its not like we NEED the 4th slot ASAP anyways, we don't even have access to the REALLY REALLY good gems at this point in the game. Well, we have the BW gems, which are pretty effing good, but
  7. Damn, I would've been all over these costumes, would even buy one for my future warlock.. Then one for my lyn, another one for my gon, then yun... LOL.
  8. What, they changed the launcher?? I also never had problems logging in...
  9. ..... Why don't you like.. Wait for it, play it, and then judge? Trying to figure out stuff by reading nerf rants online is a really shitty way to determine if you WILL or WILL NOT like the class. If you're thinking about giving up on something before you even try it out, then maybe you were never really THAT interested in it in the first place. Just play the game.
  10. If they can (and are trying really hard to) make the warlock outfit, which was Jin only, be available to all races, I can't see why they can't make this item account bound.
  11. Smh. They said they would CHECK the "logs" and issue punishments at a later date. They've also stated that the punishment wouldn't be account termination as they judged it "too harsh" for something like this. So no, he didn't get ban for Ogong glitch, specially if he did it with a party, since they said NO ONE that was forced to do the glitch would get penalized. If anything, it seems like people are getting banned for using VPNs again. "Association with exploitative accounts" is such a vague term, I can't even.. I mean, if you ever fought BOTS in arena and won over and over again, you k
  12. Idk man, I got my second account locked, an account that I use ONLY to test presets and take a few screenshots, and got flagged with "suspicious activities". That happened about 13 hours ago. Nothing has happened to my main account though, so far. It wouldn't be a big deal, but I have a character name on that account that I had planned on using for my warlock ever since launch, it sounds silly but I really do care about these small things :c. I assume the act of deleting and recreating multiple characters might have been why it got flagged...... I mean, they didn't tell me a damn thing s
  13. Oh hey buddy. Are you in the "suspicious activities" club too?? Been over 10 hours since they confirmed receiving my email.
  14. I don't know about those........ They look unnecessarily cheesy, brings back some memories from MU online.
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