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  1. Well, to each his own I guess. I have to agree with you but honestly I just want an excuse to use the Japanese voices I do understand rather than blindly following the english dubtitles. But hey you can at least agree that the Japanese voices are a better match than the english ones, right?
  2. I believe the best way to get a 100% voice pack or as close as you can get is by exclusion (also that way you won't have to dig through ALL the files again) basically you can start off with all the files in the japanese voice pack and extra voice pack as a base (assuming you're going with japanese) then with english interface files. Somehow sort them apart (so that you know which files are english and which files are japanese; I would probably do this by using the mod folder approach we are using to actually mod the game, adding in more and more japanese files and testing things to see if anyt
  3. The speech voices are changed by the "extra" voices whereas quest and cutscene voices, dialogue are part of the main voice download. It may very well be that the battle cry simply is the same across these versions; it is after all kinda pointless to do them over if they're working out in the first place. Or you might simply not be noticing that they've changed. I haven't thought much about these parts, never had problems with them, what I had problems with was the english voice acting during dialogues, voice pack solves that. The voice pack probably isn't 100% though, the guy who ripped the
  4. You know you don't have to do any of that right? Read the post above yours, I quoted my original post and this is ALL you have to do. Only if THAT does NOT work should you be going to the second part of the guide where I describe an alternative approach. In other words, RTFM, or read the original post from top to bottom, don't just jump to the number lists.... But hey, since this is happening I added this information to the number list for redundancy (even if I wrote this right above said list before...)
  5. I don't think you can get banned for either method, I have used both of the methods I described in my original post and I'm not getting banned... As you can see in the above post even, I just tested it again a few minutes ago. You can probably only get banned if you're doing something wrong (e.g. if you aren't following the guide accurately). This is the risk you're really taking, but it's not like it's complicated or anything. I have not received a single credible post in this thread about a person being banned. There are people who posted something like that but they
  6. Yes I know that error, I see you've gone with the junction link approach yes? (Did you try the override approach I recommended first?) I forgot the cause of this error, but it is some issue with the "start" statement at the bottom of the batch file just so you know where the problem lies and want to troubleshoot yourself, I am testing this now, got the same error, working to see if I can fix. From: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/107362-help-error-100/ Seems like the issue began with patch 2.0. I have one suspicion I'm gonna try out to see if it works or not
  7. Languages are simpler than you think. I don't mean 50% as in I understand 50% of the entire japanese dictionary, but 50% of the most commonly spoken words, which depending on language can be anywhere from 2000-5000 words (and that's being generous, you can often claim to be fluent with simply a vocabulary of 3000 words in almost all languages, often much less than that.). I also understand japanese sentence structure which is mandatory to understand a damned thing (but luckily in japanese's case, that's super easy to get around to) I went partway through a Japanese 101 class that g
  8. Well that's one hell of an unqualified member of their support, but I guess one shouldn't expect apt support staff from a company who has insanely underqualified team of administrators to begin with (I mean the login servers are a disaster, I often have to log in TWICE, and it runs you through like 5 urls after you log in; I know like 50 better ways to do what they're doing there, and I'm just a novice, I don't even know how to use PHP (describes how much of a novice I am when it comes to web programming, HTML, CSS and SQL are what I know in that arena; and that last one I'm particularly rusty
  9. Which approach did you try to use? Did you use the recommended override (mod folder) method? And @Guinte the only (seemingly) credible report of having been banned for this so far is from Tatlong; And he said he did it unsuccessfully (i.e. he must have done something wrong); I don't know if patch changed anything; I have to reinstall the game cus I just reinstalled windows in order to check...
  10. Lol speak for yourself, I understand almost every word with the Japanese voice pack. I'm like 50% fluent in Japanese; and since most of my vocabulary comes from media like anime and sometimes games, it's the right side of 50% for gaming.
  11. How do you gather it's an illegal game mod? These files are not modified they are official game files; and sure, while their redistribution may or may not be completely legal (for the ones who redistribute them), what makes you reach that conclusion? Also the mods have been looking past this thread so far, don't see why they'd stop now. As I said at some point earlier in this thread, I think this is being silently permitted. By NCWEST (if they didn't want us to be doing this, they'd have stopped us by now).
  12. Well, I just renamed the thread, maybe it'll show up on google more often now after a while. But this probably won't be stickied, however, if you want it to be more visible we simply need to keep the discussion active.
  13. Don't think you can do that LzyRob. I mean it's possible, but to do that you (yourself) would have to download the japanese language files; open/extract them one by one (350 bloody files!; this can be scripted for automation, but you'd need to be at least as good as me at scripting, and you need a method to open the package files which I do not possess) and do the same with the english voice files, then on a one-by-one basis override all the japanese language files with your english files contents, and keep the extra contents of the japanese files in there as it was before (because there are
  14. If it's the same error I'm getting, just hold enter until it stops. If it really doesn't work, scroll down in the OP and use the junction link batch approach, why do you think I kept an alternative approach around? If you really wanted these voices, you'd put in that effort. I'm updating my game now to see if the official modding method really has been disabled (I will be so bloody pissed!) Also @makma055 A pretty decent reason for wanting the Japanese voices is so that your game voices match up with the ones in the anime. Update: Nope, still works just the same as before after
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