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  1. What classes do you find the most fun?

    destroyer and bm for now, really hyped for the soul fighter tho (or whatever it's his name, the new class released after warlock in korea)
  2. Grind from 1-45

    you can totally level up just by grinding, jaesung made a guide, will edit with the link when i get home. edit: here you go there's some questing, but the majority is grinding.
  3. can you explain please? i'm leveling merry potter too, but didnt get to 45 and endgame yet. what should i expect?
  4. Destroyer Help

    if you aren't already doing it, learn the LMB RMB animation canceling. it's like the ABC of damage dealing for destroyers in both PVE and PVP
  5. Destroyer Animation Cancel Nerf

    definetly not nerfed, the options are 2: a) your ping got worse: in bns the higher you ping, the slower you attack, search youtube for comparisons b) there's a thread on reddit where a user says there's some input delay on LMB and RMB and he posted a workaround using an external program and rebinding keys, that should help especially with destroyer ani-cancel