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  1. Mobs sure can go outside the desired aoe effect, even though their skill looks like BM's 2(rush?), but at least prevent them from resetting every 2 seconds, I attacked them and dealt damage, why they not see me as a threat and target? I understand that very well, grind is grind and thats ok, I'm not against grind, I'm against mindless raiding for 4 months without single item for my class AND THEN wasting all my TT wings for soulshields that give me NO improvement over my old ones. I dont like when things I do do not translate into progress, its a waste of time and effort. Why I'm d
  2. Hello Dear devs, producers and publishers, I'm not even sure if I should mention to whom I'm writing this, but throwing it out in the void wont satisfy me. This is the general collection of complaints, problems, bugs and all the stuff people are dealing with to play the game, things you should probably address to at least keep some people from leaving. I don't want to bug support over this, they are doing their job /s, but maybe some constructive input from other people still lurking here, or even staff, may be interesting and worth discussing. Lets start with smallest thing f
  3. Can we, like, turn this the other way around to balance around economy? From this: Demon Spirit Stone x1 Transformation Stone x10 Evolved Stone x10 Moonstone Crystal x10 Elysian Crystal x10 Sacred Crystal x45 Soulstone Crystal x45 15 Gold To this: Demon Spirit Stone x1 Transformation Stone x10 Evolved Stone x10 Sacred Crystal x90 Soulstone Crystal x90 Elysian Crystal x12 15 Gold ?
  4. what a ***** reply, instead of blaming people propose a solution and maybe devs will see it and fix it somehow. Do you think its possible to keep track of all the leechers and douchebags and their alts? Block list is too small by a few orders of magnitude. @KiraKameliaI completely understand you, I too am upset when we have to wait for some very slow loader or someone who is pretty much afk. But since I am slow loader and I get killed in flames a few times a week I know how the other person must feel. Everything discussed here is a side effect of removing the kick from party option
  5. I mean from inside the dungeon, you can leave from the entrance, but when you are inside, exit and return to server are greyed out. Sorry for late reply, Im only checking from time to time to see hows the general word on forums and if some things are going to change soonish. @Javice If its such a big issue for you, I can start recruit if I have party lead, you can start recruiting when you have party leader, dont just stand in front of the entrance only to find out that the other person is indeed leaving. If you want to make a group for some dungeon, post a message in chat/dungeon
  6. The publisher isn't and shouldn't sell gold on f9, its the players who do. Theres a lot of gold around because they add more and more - gold chests from dungeons, caches from trove and f10, money pouches, etc. For comparison theres less and less materials - recently they removed elysian orbs from a few popular dungeons, ssp is already nerfed, some sacred orb rewards became sacred crystals, etc. Prices will go higher, gold will go for 1:1 for good, not only during trove. If this continues and we wont get any real material farming place and/or good gold sink, this state of things will only becom
  7. higher gear=less chances to wipe because he may: -know mechs(he got the gear from somewhere i hope?) -hopefully has the dps to skip certain parts, at least more than ungeared char worse gear=more chances to wipe because he may: -not know the full extent of his class skills and failing the basic rotation: may wipe because of not enough dps -VERY high chance to fail mechs because either hes a noob looking to get carried or didnt even bother to read mechanics or didnt say "hey im new, what do i do on this boss?" or paid no attention to chat and just rushed to start
  8. I bet I'm one of those who are called leavers. Thing is, I wont be carrying anyone through a dungeon only to see bids on stuff I need/is valuable. I've had my share of my scale my loot(old moml) ending up with randoms bidding on my loot. I'm not going with randoms anymore. If you want to fix this, really add solo queue option in f8, since world loading screens are just way too long for some things and f8 is more convenient. I wouldnt mind carrying someone, even sharing loot between dungeons, but this community just doesnt seem to understand some basic rules and its really aggravating. Solo ent
  9. I hope they considered the gold influx when they reevaluated their idea... I bet this situation gives more arguments for devs to say stuff like: we dont want any patch previews, we dont want any communication, it brings problems, etc.
  10. What about removing min/max ratio in f9 and giving us real gold sink, something to make gold desired, worth using on? Maybe less mats and more gold on upgrading, or some donation to npc to compete against other donators, special outfits for gold only in some vendors. If you wont start fighting the inflation you will end up with endgame totally blocked from new f2p players or making the most differences between new and old players laughable by lessening the impact of previous upgrades and progress. Sure, both of those can be partially mitigated by events, but wouldnt it be better to have profic
  11. why not just add first quest of bt? 1st and 2nd boss - pretty easy but requires something
  12. Let the party leader set master loot in lobby? That should fix every problem here. I had a few issues with people bidding on my loot, I'm not going to use my scales ever again with randoms and I suggest going with clan as well. Less asshoes hopefully :P
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