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  1. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Lmao. The game is balanced around the competitive scene, as it should. If you dislike being stomped, practice/do your research to better your skill, or lower your expectations because unfortunately not everyone can be good at this game without trying. It's that simple. Every class has a tool to deal with another class. Depending on the difficulty of utilizing that tool is what makes something a difficult matchup or not, but there's never an "impossible" in arena. I'm barely past entry level gold as a KFM (1740) and I'm already learning this. If you treat every personal roadblock as an insurmountable wall and quit, you will never improve and shouldn't have expectations in yourself to.
  2. PVP and PVE failure of the B&S

    theres no way this guy can push so many buttons and this not be a troll post to trigger people. i refuse to believe such casual scum exists