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  1. Yes, exactly. I can tolerate occational spam or bots farming in instanced dungeons away from sight, but when they infringe on our endgame activities, its crossing the line.

    If nothing will be done fast by the time we get to lvl 50 there will not be anybody left playing this game.

  2. On 2/16/2016 at 0:10 PM, Roxx said:

    Summoners are too strong right now yes.

    But they wont get nerfed, even if everyone is crying.

    The Problem isnt the Summoner, the Problem is NcSoft West with the lvl 45 cap.

    The Game is Balanced arround lvl 50 and more HM lvl then we have right now.

    So NcSoft West should give us the lvl cap as fast as possible or they will loose a lot of the Player base, cause its getting to frustrated/boring to face the same class every 2 matches.

    NCWest is apparently skipping balancing patch for next update. Since it buffs summoners (they apparently need that at lvl50) it would spell disaster if released here for lvl45.

  3. People are getting better at pvp. On my new char I even saw animation canceling, 3rf stunlocks in...silver. I am not the best player, but ELO matchmaking really makes it enjoyable, so many close and nail-bitting matches. I think hongmoon talents will make lower skill brackets more fun as it is too rock-paper-scissors when some combos are easy to execute but opponent does not have equally easy counter.

  4. 5 hours ago, ActiumPraetor said:

    I'm seriously considering firing up my development tools and writing a proxy server for managing the chat issue - if I intercept all traffic used by the game I can pretty easily regexp anything that looks like a chat message and drop it at the proxy, neatly eliminating the RMT chat-spam problem in one fell swoop and simultaneously taking it out of NCsoft's hands. Basically this was what Guildwork did with FFXIV - shoehorn a proxy between the client and the Internet, and regexp-filter everything going through the proxy that is marked as a chat entry.


    EDIT: A few moments with Wireshark and I can see the chat comes in from, at least on my client. If others with the technical capacity can gather IP addresses on what the game is using for what I might be able to get something going.


    I think this would only work if it would be idiot-proof run-and-forget tool that would auto-update blocking patterns a la AdBlockPlus plugin for browsers, that would become so widespread that NCSoft would be forced to ignore people running it as they would not afford to ban so many legit players. Solution being widespread is necessary for health and future of the game, its not much of a benefit if you can get it fixed but others don't know how, get tired of spam and leave.

  5. 22 minutes ago, Spyroxion said:

    If you mean buying from gold sellers ehhhh.... I could understand why, but I've checked prices and holy moly what kind of idiot you should be to use their services... And some also sell lvl'ing services... Almost 200$ for lvl 1-45...... TWO HUNDRED! Seems like gold sellers are bots them self x.x

    Like this game has most expensive and worst gold selling services I have ever seen and probably that's why I see prices of some stuff going down since noo ne is using them lol.

    Only problem I have is chat with 50 block limit >.>

    In this case NCSoft should sell gold and max lvl characters itself and problem will be sorted.

  6. There is nothing worthwhile to spend the gold on in this game. AFAIK you only need it for crafting/transmuting/appearance change but you get enough of gold when leveling and you have dailies at top lvl that would be sufficient but upgrading your char would be one time thing only. Crafting? Nobody that buys gold would do it for crafting profit, most likely bots themselves would undercut everybody then.


    As such I do not understand why this problem exists in this game at all. 

  7. 25 minutes ago, Kipsatee said:

    agreed there, merely meant my solution as a client side addition to the playername blocklist. (your solution could work, but may be a bit heavy and create chatlag)

    Not really, computers are fast enough nowadays. The only real problem is if this solution is not done by NCSoft but as a third party anti-spam application running alongside the client, game guard will need to be taken care off like its done by bots so it does not flag it and this is something that will never allowed due to legal reasons... Unless it would fall into acceptable gray area like some gamedevs turning blind eye to modding for games not explicitly supporting them.


    Nah, better do nothing and let game become irrelevant like every other Korean MMO.

  8. Filtering by words won't work. The client can show Unicode characters, so they can replace some characters with lookalikes from Cyrillic or Greek etc.

    This would work 100%:

    1. Remove common emoticons

    2. See if character distribution matches that of normal language, e.g. if there are too many special characters like (\ or digits or some mixing of different code pages mark this text as suspicious.

    3. Strip special characters and compare message to previous one to see how similar it is with fuzzy string matching algorithm. If so mark text and suspicious.

    4. If  client has too many suspicious messages in time period, block and ban it.

    Funny thing I could code foolproof solution myself...