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  1. Assassin vs Bots - Farm Fest

    The bots are getting more annoying, run into one that was speedhacking and had fishy cooldowns, guess the bot creators rather farm beans faster with hacks before they get banned.
  2. [guide request] vs KFM bots

    All bots can easily be detected as they only run towards you, never to the sides, never jump, never glide, rotate while incapacitated. This KFM bot is a nightmare, he gets you into combat ASAP with his blue buff, and uses counters, Q, E, SS, ground counters, grab counters so getting him to burn tab is extremelly hard. He also uses triple kick when you counter and RMB when you use SS so unintentionally tech chases. This fact alone alows him to roll over lower gold players.
  3. Not sure how it is in other regions, but so far it looks very concerning. Some Hongmoon skills can only be acquired from rare drops in hard dungeons and go for a lot of gold, so even if one drops and you aren't doing the dungeon with friends you have to bid a lot to get it. As game balance will revolve around these skills having them or not will be very significant difference. Besides BSH4 seems like there will be 3 more dungeon skillbooks. Far better would be if within arena you would have all released hongmoon skills unlocked, now it will be Pay2Win, because if you farm a lot/buy gold you will afford something that will give you advantage. Also this will make arena very alt-unfriendly, imagine at lvl 50 HM1 character with no hongmoon skills vs HM20 with everything.
  4. No it is not, in a sense that you can work on it and get this, but it can be, since technically you can buy gold with NCoins and buy skillbooks with that gold. Btw Lightning Draw Volume 2 on EU AH was 300g last I checked, so even if you manage to farm 20g/day it would be several weeks of grind just for that. Also the balance at 50, how that will work out. Imagine you are returning for lvl50 to check out the game, you get into arena and face a summoner. You have no legendaries while the summoner has them, in addition to more points. The matchup ends up more one-sided than what we have at lvl45. IMO the arena PvP in this game would be better if it was like in Guild Wars 2, where it was separate from PvE, everybody is on equal footing and the only deciding factor left is skill.
  5. I heard that NCSoft promised on their stream to have some solution for bots for next patch... will see. Idk how it is on NA, but I played 30+ games today, saw only 1 KFM bot and no destroyer bots in gold on EU.
  6. I think this is because bot program is not real client and does not have to load assets. I myself never had this issue since I have monster PC and SSD and I see the KFM bots to pop blue buff, run towards me to get into range for flying slam as an opener, which I can avoid, however unlike real ppl they do not waste time and you have only few seconds before they get to you.
  7. I actually encountered this, but did not thought much of it at the time. Third round, we both near death, enemy LBD with german name, and then mysteriously I lag and when its over I see I am stunned and on receiving end of flicker spam.
  8. So I was hacked

    Check if you are in there: What is usually happens in this cases is people using same email/password in multiple sites and one of them getting hacked.
  9. Despite everything

    I am having a ton of fun in PvP arenas. That feeling of making a comeback or fighting close matched opponent or both being near death and one mistake away from loss and victory. I play on EU and haven't met a bot or hacker in two days now, maybe just KFMs that could be using 3rf macros, Seems situation got better, bots got banned/people farmed them down to silver, hackers maybe too - the infamous hacking summoner was gone from the leaderboards last I checked. So not all ist lost, assuming balance is not totally tanked before we get the lvl 50 patch we might end up with niche, but nice MMO PvP game.
  10. Despite everything

    What I meant the hacker summoner is gone.
  11. KFM - NERF WHEN?

    Be glad the new patch with summoner buffs is not comming out yet - apparently they need buffs at lvl 50 yet we are using these balance changes with lvl 45 as Team Bloodlust is too lazy to make special patch build for NA/EU and NCWest has no actual developers working on this game.
  12. Yeah but I do not think for noob players only facing same type of bot is good, they will not improve or more likely get bored and leave the game.
  13. Arena has no terrain so bots go in straight line towards enemy, never to the sides. Obviously they never jump or glide either. This will never change, even AAA FPS enemy AI uses waypoints or patchfinding algorithms.
  14. "diamond" players

    There should be ELO decay like in other games .
  15. Its far easier to spec your counter to stun vs. this version of bot, they will always attack into it, you take no damage and can practice 3rf on them to your hearts content.
  16. still players in arena?

    Its worse for some classes. I run into this type of bot two times when on my destroyer and he was stupid enough to stand into red spin, blow trinket and get bursted every time.
  17. still players in arena?

    Apparently KFM bots have reached platinum:
  18. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Maybe DARPA\Google DeepMind will give AI award for creating a bot that can beat progamers lolz.
  19. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    These gold destoyers were also bots, just running better scripts :(
  20. How to defeat arena bots?

    Destroyer bot seems to have this priority: * Use shield if HP low * Close gap * Red spin * Fury and ani cancel * Searing strike launcher * Grab launcher * Normal anicancel So use your freeze tab to tank their red spin, QE their fury, use counter with stun when he uses normal attacks - he will stun himself for your 3rf. Be carefull he will SS after air combo so do not CC right away.

    Terrors were being farmed en mass by bots. But holy hell the arena will get worse now, some bots there are in gold and thus get guaranteed 30 soulstones per 2000 beans, and since they run 24/4 they will get multiple of that per day...
  22. Free Plat From Destroyer bots.

    Not sure how many of them are, but I ran into same exact bot twice in a row. I know this because it had normal name and was wearing non-default outfit - some people would not even figure out that its a bot, except he beelines for you and never do superflous movements or jumps like real players and was clearly using abilities on priority system.
  23. Easy Solution to Stopping this Ridiculous Bots

    Bots have preferred status (bought with stolen credit cards/sold gold money). This is because trash mobs essentially do not drop currency on kill without it, making farming it pointless.
  24. Easy Solution to Stopping this Ridiculous Bots

    Hire some chinese to moderate servers. Fight fire with fire I'd say :)
  25. KFM counter bug abuse ?

    Is this counter specced as elbow strike? It has fast animation that is different, but it costs chi. I think you are FM, elbow strike is used against FMs by good KFMs since it counters ranged attacks and it cannot be disabled by skills that cancel defensive skills.