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  1. I am not crashing anymore see this thread.
  2. is this a serious post? lower your graphics settings? wtf?
  3. Yah I got the same response after a day of troubleshooting. They say check out this thread where devs activly post about optimization, but there is no thread there its just a link to the forums. lame.
  4. I tried 340.52 still crashes No there are several razer threads and that issue has been fixed. this is mostly about people who are still getting crashes and freezes even though they dont have razr. .......................Oh I see now that your post says rzr/ non rzr.
  5. Im having a similar problem. No razr products and I get a freeze in the game sometimes when loading sometimes just walking. The problem is just optimization. there is no fix until devs get around to it.
  6. Well I just tried 347.88 and it still crashes. I supose it couldnt hurt to go further back lol Ill try it and let you know.
  7. ah that explains my confusion. Yes I am still crashing every few minutes. I suppose downgrading drivers couldnt hurt. I have a gtx760 though.
  8. I see that they are making computers with more ram now. I was thinkingi that the 64 bit infrastructure was limited to 16. still most games dont use more than 16 so unless you doing layered photo rendering. its not much help. I am looking to get a solid state hard drive. For me My hard drive is botlenecking my system more than anything.
  9. This thread is not about Razr crash. it is a non razer related crash we are having. There is no fix yet
  10. Ah I see now. It has been a couple years since I built computers. The rules change quickly in that game. Although from what I read Higher ram is more for rendering and post processing ancd most games arent really useing it. YEt.
  11. I'm sorry but there is no such thing as 24G ram. all Ram runs parallel so you can only use identical pairs of chips and 64bit os = max 16g of ram because of limitation on mb and os. Im afraid that extra 8g chip you put in is just a paperweight. Unless they just released a new tech that I am unaware of.
  12. Isnt the bigger issue here: Should classes be racelocked? Generally in MMO's classes arent gender locked so as not to be sexist. A woman can be any class a man can be. So isnt racelocking a class we... Racist? shouldnt any race be able to be any class. ?
  13. Also, I just tested it and i successfully sent 1c from one of my characters to another. I dont have any on another server so didnt test that. Here is what I know about the system. 1. Both characters have to be lvl 16 2. you have to have purchased nc coin at some point 3. Presumably they meant to say on the same server when they said the same account. ( was there only one server when the post was written in November? ) 4. You have to go to the dragon merchant guy to send
  14. The marketplace didn't even work for a week. Many people cant log in. The game is still not optimized. Filled with spammers. Either there is a glitch. IN which case they will get to it when they are not so busy fixing gamestoppers. Or, someone who typed the knowledge base during beta hasnt gotten the memo to update the change in policy. Playing an MMO in the first couple months is asking for problems. If you cant handle it come back in a couple months. I was mostly trying to make the point that if they are restricting email to paid customers to stop botts and spammers. who drive up prices i
  15. Ive played pretty much every MMO ever made and not one lets you send items and mail between servers. Second. Everyone is complaining about bots and gold sellers but you want to make it easy for them ? The only way to combat gold sellers is to make it more expensive for them to farm gold. ie make them buy ncoin to sent mail so that they can be caught and banned permenantly. quit whining about a perfectly reasonable countermeasure. It is super easy to get to level 16 without twinking character.
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