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  1. That is correct, you'll only get the items promised in the explorers pack once you make a new character with the level 50 voucher, the items will be in your inventory on the new character and apparently they aren't tradable, so you can't move them to a different character lol
  2. http://static.bladeandsoul.com/uploads/articles/pdf/BnS-Dawn-of-the Lost-Continent-Giveaway-Rules_EN.pdf?_ga=2.17483837.542555128.1512415384-1037435179.1510463769 The rules clearly state that it's "non-transferable" soooo...
  3. WRONG. Someone translated it on reddit. "Very very roughly translates to: "Finally, the lynn race that many people have been waiting for. You can now play the Gunner as a lynn. Try it in game now!"
  4. I activated the gift yesterday and was able to open the ‘welcome gifts’ it does say duration expired but I have the badge plus the jewellery equipped lol
  5. http://bns.plaync.com/update/history/2017/171206_flamedragon lol
  6. I've recently came back, my highest was level 41 and I felt so lost due to the new equipment and different skills, re-made my character and it seems to be much easier now.
  7. Apparently it's easier/better to completely start over due to many changes that have happened, it's like a completely new game (apparently)
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