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  1. Just unlock the Warlock already

    You guys can't even handle prelvl summoners and you want warlock?
  2. Here is what I mean and I can back this up if needed. First of all, I play a summoner, the class that has to sync it's attack on two characters. People continue to cry that it's a two vs o e or takes zero skill to play a summoner. My question is, what balance are you looking for at 50 are you looking? If you can figure out how to Cc my cat how on earth are you going to just magically unlock the brain cells to do it at 50? People say my class will get nerfed. What nerf? Dont get me wrong my class is strong and yes I was a cake walk getting to gold early levels, but higher tier play I'm actually face rolling my keys to make sure someone doesnt kill my cat, I'm actually using combos WITH my cat. Someone stuns my cat then I'm going to wake my cat recalling it to me.(something very few summoners do) So I just want to know what breakdowns everyone is looking for. People using the word balance, but balance as i damage?cooldowns? I have zero issues playing against anyone in game, I don't hide my ign you wanna go a round or two please message Chewma. If you want I'll even let you kill my cat If it makes you feel better lol. Only people I admit I have trouble against are destroyers, they are hard but not impossible.
  3. So here's my situation when it comes to every other class I managed to figure out how to bypass their defenses and/or counter them.(yay summoner #screwanyonewhohatesmeplayingit) but it that destroyer makes me sadder then robin Williams. i know when I see red I just stay the hell away from them but here is my issue. My counter stealth does not counter anything he throws at me. I'm yanked from other side of the map to him and beat down on. My poor cat uses four different types of CC and all of it is negated and I even tried using some of my own that don't work. Ive tried watching for the animation cancel but the truth is that mofo won't accept any cc. If I attack while they spin I'm stunned and if I wait too long I'm jumped on,stunned and hp bar goes down quicker the. Paul walker hitting that light pole. O.o so I'm asking everyone....what do you do? Mostly from a summoner pov
  4. 3 classes need to be fixed

    I rather fight three summoners then one destroyer. Being a summoner myself 90% of all my skills are deflected or blocked by a destroyer spinning all day everyday. .o.
  5. If someone is just using that name then no I don't see that bannable. I saw someone named Paul walker but you don't see me going you can't have that name, but on the other hand ppl will get offended over anything like time I got a day ban because I used #Lynlivesmatter
  6. 'Hidden' skills

    Some skills will only appear if an enemy is dazed. Think of it like a combo setup. however that's when you have to cast them quickly
  7. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Oh yea they escape that's why I wait on my thorns XD I save one cc for the sneaky people.
  8. The real WHY summoner is OP

    I've 100-10 people with my summoner combo T^T. Throw throns that Daze, Cat knocked them into air, Cat uses playtime, they hit the ground, cat quickly spins hammer followed by another hammer daze strike, knocks person in air again and gets playtime once more. DURING THIS TIME I'm using bloom of doom every second I can. Once person hits ground, I'm throwing down my snare as cat is pinning them on the ground and I continue to sunflower them. About time that combo is down my daze skill is off cd and the cycle instantly repeats.
  9. Am I meant to be poor and week

    Since no one else is going to say it. It's weak not week.*points at title*

    This is why We can't have good games in NA. People CONTINUE to relate these games to the modern MMO. First thing I read before I already wanted to throw my IPad was you are playing a Kung fu master. Literally like the hardest mofo to play. But possibly has some of the best counter measures and escapes in the game. When you said lack of escape...his counters are his escape. one again people compare character levels assuming if both characters were the same they should be equal. Again another assumption and comparing to the normal MMO. Every and I REPEAT. Every class can win against the other class. Some classes are harder and others are easier. You can't follow that traditional "one build wins all" Even my summoner has different skill trees I use.
  11. Besides having a gold star beside your name what else to you claim from it?
  12. Show off your characters!!

    My Summoner Chewma
  13. Please Nerf Summoners

    I'm trying saying if people catching this kinda hell on summoners what in the hell thinks they ready for warlock release?
  14. Seeking 1v1 Arena Destroyer Advice

    Idk why I get bad destroyers on my team then...most of them just spin in circles no where near the other team.