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  1. I'm a gold summoner and from personal sight myself. 90% of my wins came from people who went balls in full force. That moment, I counter with stealth throw down my thorns,snares THEN send in my cat to daze, follow by upper cut then play time.(knock up attack) about time they hit the ground, I'm knocking them down again and throwing some pokes before sending another few thorns again. my class isn't broken, I've lost to a few Kung fu who stun locked the hell out of me and cat. (Respect to those two) however most people just random press buttons in hopes to just melt me down. Personal
  2. I want to reply to this....I really do, but last time I tried to actually say something that was out in left field like this they blocked me for 24hrs. All I have to say is, you want them then start a Twitter about it and spread it on blade and soul. Trust me
  3. You want a sexy young appearing race that looks like a child. I'm sure I said this a while back, please someone make a Chris Hanson character.
  4. As stated before I use to be a GM for ijji I know the pain but I've seen in my years what some developers were able to add to the game to aid in assisting removals of bots. 1) The game at random from time to time will display a code if you been in one area from X amount of time and you have to input a code. If you fail to input the code then you are automatically ejected or muted for a brief time. After so many fail attempts your account will be disabled. 2) (this one was a personal favorite but a double edge sword) Handcuffs item. This item players could buy and use o
  5. I solo dungeons with my summoner it's funny. I send in my fam cat, she tanks everything. I throw my snar then thorns...press Z heal the car and repeat. If a large mob jumps on me then I just press F and go from ten percent hp back to full ?
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