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  1. My guildmate got pencil because of PVE content and he got permanent banned without a warning and the reason. Can we tolerate this power because a lot of player get salty and pencil some player for stupid reason that could kill the game and snipe pencil on twitch. There are some player broke the rule and still not get permanent banned only a week or a short banned even they got pencil. Also he doesn't broke any rules.
  2. Oh thank you, and can you show me some combo and chain skill to make FM and BM unpredictable and approaching at them. And I forgot how to kill KFM because I just come back to BnS from my break. And I am really suck at mix up sin combo.
  3. I am sin name Pohawa, I need help how to be unpredictable in arena 1vs1 pvp because my friend gold player tell me that I am too easy to predict my move and got stuck at silver between 1400 to 1560. And how to beat gold player and how to win against summoner.
  4. Right now, I don't know which server is the best.
  5. What do you guys think about my character I am not really good with art. file:///C:/Users/tram/Pictures/BnS/Screenshot_160222_000.jpg
  6. NCSOFT plz fix all the crashes.It not razer and ASUS Service fault. I neither have all of the service you recommend to turn off. Actually NCSOFT should take sometime to fix all files and proctect program etc. If it razer and ASUS fault to crash the game, then it can crash many other game.So NCSOFT you should spend some time to fix all the issues to please all the gamer. I play alot MMORPG so I know. Your game really cool.
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