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  1. Chromatic Threads

    Are there any plans to make them bound to account? As much as I love my other characters, I'd have more use for them on my main character because single threads I've gotten from boxes are just collecting dust in my alt's inventory :/
  2. "Nebula Stone Showdown" Event

    I completely agree with you on this one. Even if 2 medallions a day might be not much, they impact the amount we can get overall in a limited time event. The longer this event goes, the more will people paying for this game benefit from it while people that simply play to enjoy the game itself have a disadvantage because they are either unwilling to pay money on a game or they just might not be able to pay for whatever reason. I want to believe that NC honestly mean what they promise: a truly free-to-play game. Things like these make me doubt. It doesn't build trust between players and NC at all, much more the opposite in fact. I'm not gonna say the community will crumble because of this - I am sure they have heard this dozen of times - I just wanna say that I'm disappointed. I don't mind the event itself, it's great; but the direction this game is going is not the direction I would want this game to go.