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  1. Dungeon Loot Problem

    Rare items from dailies should be tradeable. It would make it easier for every player to find their blight weapon.
  2. Game Crashes On Loading Screens

    A friend of mine is having an issue with this game. Their game always crashes when trying to enter a new area, specifically dungeons, with party members. I don't know if it would help, but the user has an HP 2000 Notebook.
  3. Blackram Narrows Drop Rates

    There is a problem, when it's been 15+ runs through and I've gotten everything except the one item I needed. I've gotten the blight weapon for literally every other class except my own. It's not fun anymore. Just saying.
  4. Blackram Narrows Drop Rates

    Most people have reached the transformation point by the time they reach the Blackram Narrows. To Transform you need the Blight variant of your weapon. That can take a very long time to acquire.
  5. Blackram Narrows Drop Rates

    I'm going to propose two solutions to this problem. Either A: Allow players to trade any sealed item. That way they can give their party members the Blight weapon they need; or boost the likelihood of a player finding items pertaining to their class in chests. The blight weapons serve as a useless 1 to 5 copper 90% of the time. This problem would probably apply to future dungeons too.
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    The update did nothing to stop the spam. There's still spammers in Region chat and in party search...
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Find a way to prevent duplicate messages from being sent, and get rid of the party broadcast. Or make preset party broadcasts.
  8. Crashes while loading zone

    A friend of mine has this issue too. Are there any fixes you guys found?
  9. Spammers In Chat

    This isn't a bug as much as it is an annoyance with the game. Not having this does make your chat a bug. There should be spam filters and measures to get rid of the gold spammers that take up all of the chat space. Every time I look at the chat I just see ads to buy gold from third party sites. It makes social interaction really deterring when all people see are a bunch of spam ads. Please put some measures in to get rid of these people, it will benefit the game immensely. Having some sort of measure for kicking spammers can hep to form a community in your game, in stead of just a conglomeration of people existing together, you can easily draw players back in though social bonds made with other players.