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  1. Warlock info from a WL player

    -bump, since ppl couldn't see this and still want to roll WL in hopes for some sweet freelo
  2. Why so obnoxious?

    Not everyone knows these mechanics, I just blew your mind admit it. You are playing with all kinds of players, not all of them care to inform themselfs about a Blackwyrm encounter. They will taunt bcause the Cat has a taunt ability, without bad intentions either. It's not too far fetched to imagine him be there and think, hmm maybe my Cat taking the hits might be a good thing. I do get it's annoying tho, since I get freezes on blackwyrm I really dislike if he turns all over the place. But you can't expect everyone to know about it, if they would fix the stupid FPS issues things wouldn't be as harsh.
  3. Why so obnoxious?

    He's probably drawing aggro from the human tank, so the Cat helps with holding aggro, the Cat is good at it even after the nerf. The only issue I see is, if he get's asked to stop he should stop or communicate why he thinks he has to taunt. But let's face it, if everyone was good at communicating stuff we wouldn't have as many problems :P There is also the question, how does he get asked to do so. If I was a summoner, and I see this: "fking noob summoner, stop taunting" My reaction would be, I don't need you to tank you imbecile, go in the corner and let the others DPS while I tank with my Cat for you, I don't need you, this is not WoW. The attitude of some tanks is really annoying, that attitude comes from games where tanks are scarce and not easy to replace.
  4. Extreme Laggs

    Nur weil du was glaubst solltest du nicht direkt mit Empfehlungen anfangen... Ich hab auch Win10 und JEDES Spiel bisher läuft genau wie bei meinen Freunden die Win7+8.1 haben. Wenn wir ähnliche Hardware haben, läuft es zum Teil sogar so 10fps besser, Ranbow Siege als Beispiel. Blade and Soul dagegen ist Blackwyrm unspielbar, ich falle bis auf 4 FPS in dem Kampf während der Bildschirm einfriert. Da kann ich nicht mal rein DMG machen und raus, da es heisst: rein, einfrieren, sterben, raus. Und all die Leute die gleich aufheulen, all die Lösungsansätze helfen nicht, NICHTS hilft bisher. Die Leute sollen sich nicht irgendwo anstellen, sondern dieses FPS Problem NCSoft so weit unter die Nase reiben dass die was machen müssen und zwar sofort. So geht das gar ned, ich bin froh dass wir Blackwyrm nicht legen müssen. Falls aber iwann Content kommt wo wir dann so Blackwyrm Kämpfe haben die wir machen müssen, dann wird das Grund genug sein aufzuhören. Du willst nicht das Leute aufhören, je mehr weiter spielen desto besser. Es ist jetzt schon SUPER frustrierend schon nur eine Gruppe zu finden die Blackwyrm macht, es ist mehr oder weniger einfach timing online und im Gebiet zu sein wenn der Drache gelegt wird. Dann aber keine Kiste kriegen weil das Spiel unspielbar läuft ist einfach hirnrissig, du kannst nicht rein DMG und raus, es friert bei 4FPS für ein paar Sekunden ein. MemClean habe ich auch getestet, geht halt einfach nicht, aber auf Win7 downgraden für dieses Spiel würde ich nicht machen, da hör ich lieber auf und spiel Divison oder dann DS3. Was auch dumm ist, ich find das Spiel gut, das Spiel sollte mir nicht solche dummen Gründe geben das Spiel zu wechseln. Bis zum Update konnte ich ohne dieses einfrieren spielen, seit dem Update friert es bei Blackwyrm ein. Ich hatte auch keine Laggs bei Poha oder BSH, nach dem Patch habe ich jetz Blackwyrm laggs auch bei denen. Es ist so krass wie viele Spiele sich als "esport" stark machen wollen, aber dann mit solchen Mängeln antanzen die nicht akzeptierbar sind. Dies muss einfach SOFORT gefixt werden... Es ist sehr schade wie viele Spieler BnS schon verloren hat nur wegen diesen Performance Problemen. Diese Spieler werden auch nicht zurück kommen wenn ein fix erscheint, da ist es einfach zu spät. Dazu, wie kann man ein Spiel mit so einer Engine auch als Esport-Titel für die Zukunft verkaufen. Das Spiel wird mit DX9 doch nie im Leben gegen die Zukunft stand halten.
  5. Warlock info from a WL player

    You can read the comments urself, nothing I posted was a lie, it's actually truth^^
  6. So on EU, the BD Skillbook is at 500g, and the Warlock for 300g, which is simply ridic. The most annoying part, I don't know why, but the stupidity and the greed really annoys me: Tha BD one was 300g, no one in their right mind would ever buy it for that price either, specially bcause all the other classes get their for 50-80g. And no one did, so he got his book back. In his head now, some really special kinds of thinking patterns happened. In which he ended up thinking, hey if NO ONE buys this thing for 300g for days, maybe I should simply put it in for 500g instead, THAT will get it sold. LOOK at the prices of the other books, and then ask yourself if your stupid drop will go out for 500g. If everything goes for 50-80g, why on earth would someone go and spend 500g for that thing. It didn't go out for 300g for a reason, pushing the price even higher after that is really special, you have to be a really special person. You get 1 idiot like that to lead, and the rest simply follows, the 2nd guy puts it in for 490g, and so on. It doesn't go out, you wait for them to get some brain cells so you can buy it from them for a reasonable price, like ALL the other stupid books which aren't even 100g. But no, just let it sit there, I hope ppl will get more drops so in the end you will get even less gold than you would have gotten if you weren't so insanely greedy.
  7. BSH Skill Books and them greedz

    How good is the Warlock book, do you happen to know? Since I was planing to roll a Lock I won't spend gold on the BD anyway. I just mentioned it since it's the most expensive one, and also the one jumping from 300 to 500 after not getting sold for days. The real beef I have is with that 1 guy who keeps pushing the Lock book to 300g, he puts it in before the others, so the other ones just follow.
  8. BSH Skill Books and them greedz

    500g really? :) No one bought it for 300g, so the intelligent conclusion is to up the price to 500g. Even someone buying gold would think 10times if he wants to drop 500g. How much money is that? Buying it would cost you 20'625 Coins, if you would get the LOWEST price possible for every G. That means it will cost you 258 Euros minimum just for that book. In a game where not having that book doesn't change anything, you can do all of the stuff anyway. Even the people who are willing to spend money wouldn't just yolo an item you don't need for a more realistic price of 300+ Euros. Some of these whales got their money simply bcause they know how to handle money, and throwing it out like this won't happen that easily.
  9. I hope this drops the prices, 1g for 1 Quartz is batnanas...
  10. So what are your thoughts

    4 years is a really long time, you will most likely find a better game along the way. I don't think the 20FPS blackwyrm'ish stuff is going to hold players forever. The game has 1 thing going for it, which is the most important aswel, and that's the combat. But holding players for years would require them to up the engine, it's just too old for a game to compete with the possible future games. People put up with some of the annoying stuff now, but they won't the more time passes. At that point players will swap the moment something better releases, it just makes sense. I'm putting up with the 10fps mess now, but if I imagine doing so for years to come no way. At some point players will get bored, the fun will disappear, but the annoying stuff will remain. But asking them for a better engine is not asking for something small either. A better engine for better FPS, maybe better graphics aswel, then we can talk about years.
  11. Why read that, and believe him *rolleyes* Isn't it obvious, he got perm banned for a reason. No way it was the reports in chat, how many people would even bother to do that. 1-2 at the max, he messed up in other ways. Oh well 400g is massive greed, maybe you simply had to be banned for beeing so insanely greedy, only NSOFT is allowed to be that greedy. You should get a tattoo spelling G R E E D Y A S F K, and get it on your forehead.
  12. Fabric + High quality fabric.

    Laguna alone has 300 HQ Fabrics in his stash waiting to be the richest player on the planet, this is stupid, I will try to see if the fabrics desappear now. If not there is something we can salvage without irL money.
  13. Fabric + High quality fabric.

    I want to revive this thread, because some people are farming these Fabrics. I don't know how, but if you look into the market there are TONS on sale. You can't tell me all of them are materials from payed cosmetics, no way. There are players out there farming these fabrics, can you please share which outfit to salvage so we/I can go farm that outfit aswel... or NCS is putting them in on their own, generating the Fabrics out of thin air.
  14. Ncsoft's "security" system

    To this day, I've never been hacked... not even my friends have had issues like that. Maybe stop searching for bots and hacks, opening acc on suspicious sites, etc. We can pretty much safely assume his "friend" most likely tried to hack and this is what happens. People don't lose their accounts randomly, sorry, it just doesn't happen randomly. It makes no sense too. Why would someone pick a random guy and then go into his acc, these ppl have bigger fish to catch. He made it easy for them in some way, as I said, most likely he tried to do stupid shit and this is his punishment. How sad must he be, he tried to hack himself and now he lost everything huehuehue He might have also bought gold, or arena boosting services. Those people saw his ugly character and decided to do a favor for the community and delete his ass.
  15. If they delete the characters it's more or less the same thing as deleteing the acc, plisu. This is actually a good question. Do we lose our Characters/Acc after not playing the game, if so, how long? Do we get a mail warning us?
  16. Luckiest RNG ever!

    Yeah, never see them kill Blacky in Frostgipfel either... ppl do claim they are farming the Dragon non stop tho, they must be sleeping when I'm on! Kappa
  17. How did you go from reading that, to the conclusion of "reviving pet". Your mind works in mysterious ways!
  18. Best PvP class now and at 50?

    Why are there so many silver/gold summoners stuck in that elo, if it was so easy everyone should be plat. Just because a guy who has brain is able to get plat without beeing lvl45 doesn't mean everyone can. Jaesung would get plat with a non level 45 class aswel, oh yeah, it's bcause he played it in Korea and has Pro Experience against ppl who don't. I can't wait for all the rerolling trash realizing they just aren't good enough. e: That's kind of a big statement: Every summoner is plat, only high ping is not. You must be a pretty good player. Since using your defensives stupidly and getting 1shot in a stun isn't a thing, or wasting your cat's CC isn't another thing, hammering X whenever you can and then have the cat be 1shot isn't something, using crouch at the wrong times or never using crouch on the cat and have it nuked down not possible, using Dandelion in your enemys face and have him wait instead of proccing it isn't possible either, using 3 and have the enemy not be stupid and shot into it to heal you with every hit is impossible they have to attack into it and heal you, it's gifted bro, gifted, diamond for free, no skill required.
  19. Best PvP class now and at 50?

    The pet get's massive dmg just by pressing X. You pretend like that heal came free. If the cat dies the game is over, unless you ate so much dmg it doesn't matter.
  20. Best PvP class now and at 50?

    Your reading skills are in error. If you look at my post you will realize who I mean.
  21. Best PvP class now and at 50?

    Why would you even humor that kid, he has obvsly NO IDEA what he's talking about given this statement: That sunflower skill you get with the beans is useless, OKAY? It's 100% USELESS, you don't even have a 1% situation, it's utter garbage. You NEVER get 5 stacks in Arena, rendering the 5sec buff meaningless, like srsly, stop talking about things you clearly don't know anything about. --- As for the OP, summoner is very strong right now. This is due to the class beeing more easy to get into, and also due to the players not beeing good enough. You will see ppl cry about the summoner all day long, even tho the players they face are on gold/silver level and nowhere near good enough to abuse the class. Good summoners, give other good players a hard time, that indeed is true, but the crying kids are not playing against players like that, their summoner enemys aren't experienced enough to use the class to it's full potential. There is nothing more annoying than ppl thinking they are losing games bcause of the opness of the class. (Since top players confirm it) They don't get, their enemys are not overpowered and can be beaten every single game if they would learn 2 play. Once you reach the top level and you face players who have the skill set to abuse their class, THEN you can start crying... but getting owned in gold+silver has nothing to do with any of the classes. The only matchup where I could say is freelo is destroyer vs summoner. The destroyer doesn't need any skill to win that matchup while the summoner is required to play on a plat+ level. The destroyer can make many mistakes and still win, while the summoner will usually die with bad defensive play. So you want a good class? Roll a destroyer, be smart. MOST ppl are playing summoner or rolling summoner because of the crying bads. THIS IS "THE TIME" TO BE A DESTROYER. Just think about it, beeing the COUNTER CLASS to the most played class is some serious freelo. ALOT of ppl play summoners, just go destro, you really don't have to know anything or play any good to beat these summoners. I can only repeat, that summoner needs some serious skills to give you a hard time, while you can just zerg him down. Yes, literally zerg him down. If you need another example: 3v3 in WoW. If setup "a+b+c" is the most played in the current meta, and setup h+g+f is the counter to that setup, it would be a good idea to not play a+b+c and instead counter their asses with h+g+f and pretty much win the games with ease. Just level a destroyer and get wins gifted to you when ever you see summoners, while beeing literally horrible at the game and actually a wrose player than your summoner enemy. Everyone is either leveling a summoner or plays a summoner right now, and these are players who are stuck in gold+silver, playing summoner isn't going to change that, you will have a breeze.
  22. Technische Probleme

    Passiert auch bei mir, bei mir is es nach links, ich besitze nur 2 Bildschirme. Ist sehr nervend wenn der Zeiger aus dem Bildschirm raus geht und du dich dann kurz nicht bewegen kannst. Ich versuch so gut es geht immer nach links zu straven damit ich die Maus nach rechts bewegen muss.
  23. Same issues, sometimes you get lucky and actually get to see the bluescreen. This is what the bsod sais: _Exception_Not_Handled (dxgmms2.sys) Tried to google as solution, but after a long while it just got tedious since there somehow is none...
  24. Dann passt doch alles, ist genau so wie mit allem im Leben. Die Streamer die bereits 100k pro Monat verdienen, kriegen schön mehr Kohle spendiert als wäre das Geld nicht besser irgendwo anders investiert anstatt einem Lirik da noch schön mehrere 100 Euro zu schenken während er bereits ne Million pro Jahr macht. Die Stars im rL die reich sind kriegen Marken-Produkte geschenkt, 5 Sterne Futter nach geworfen, etc.. (Dies halt für Werbung, ist klar, wenn ich einem Timberlake was gebe und seine Fans dies sehen dann kaufen die mein Produkt auch. Trotzdem ist es halt lustig wie die Leute die es nicht nötig haben auch immer alles geschenkt bekommen.) Dies wird sich nie ändern, auch in einem Spiel ned. Je mehr du hast, desto mehr kriegst du halt. Es ist ja auch einfacher gross Karriere zu machen wenn du bereits vorher Reich bist, durch die Familie oder was auch immer. Die Kleinen interessieren keinen, an denen macht man kein Gewinn! :P
  25. Ich lese während das Spiel nicht verfügbar ist gerne das Forum, oder wenn ich iwelche Informationen will. Was mich nun wundert/stört: Ich sehe die ganze Zeit Leute die über Blackwyrm reden. Sei es über den Ring, die Soultones, Kisten, Buggs, melee, etc. Auf Frostgipfel machen wir den scheiss Drachen NIE. Ich frag fast jeden Tag im Regions-Chat und es kommt nicht mal eine Antwort, die Leute könnten nicht weniger Interesse haben. Wo, speziell wann legen all diese Leute diesen Drachen? Man weint dass er nicht melee freundlich ist, dass er gebugged sei und keine Kiste dropped, etc., ich hab noch nie erlebt dass man den überhaupt versucht hat zu legen. Was muss ich tun um da auch dabei zu sein???