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  1. You work less for the same amount than I do if we compare it that way, since you will always get more by rL means. Farming something for 2 weeks while others buy it in 1 second is bs. (Or let's say in a couple hours of real work, should net you enough easily)
  2. They also want this to be an esport, they can't offer power for money like this.
  3. Well that is my wrong then, I didn't play WoW for a while, and arena gear was ALWAYS bought with honor or the arena points, NOTHING in the AH, your blue crafted gear is worth nothing, the best gear was obtained by playing not by buying. Also I'm pretty sure you are talking about the inferior gear, but just in case WoW got even more casual I will give you this one. Here in BnS you can get a SKILL for money, forget the gear since arena everyone is the same except for skills and skillpoints. The best gear was always honor or arena, so you had to play to get it and not $$$. If that changed then yeah.
  4. You can make money with the skins. They are already trying to make money with inventory space, etc. But that book is offering massive power to those 3 classes, and getting it is alot of work. In a game which is marketed as "esports" you can't force people to farm PvE/PvP for weeks and offer others to buy these powers for money and simply skipping all the hard work. They can make money in other ways, why the hell do they have to sell gold?! If a Diamond BM with book plays a Diamond BM without book, and we simply assume he bought the book with $$$, it's not fair at all. Selling something as esport has fairness in it's name, it has to be fair. Touching this topic we have the issue with Hongmoon Levels aswel, the games in arena simply aren't fair if people can buy stuff and have a stronger character instantly. Now before we get the idiots, I'm not saying HM Levels are p2w, I'm just saying it's another thing which makes arena not the way it's supposed to be in order to qualify as an Esport. You can't buy skills in League of Legends and simply have a better Hero than your enemy. You can't buy better weapons in CS:GO and have your AK do more DMG. You can't buy better skills again in World of Warcraft Arena and have a better hero that way. You can buy these HM Books, and have a better BM than your enemys BM. Your Character is literally stronger, even tho you play the same class. This is not to be confused with beeing able to buy a completely new Hero. This game has a vision which this buy gold design does not fit into.
  5. I know, that trolling part was meant as an insult. If you farmed that gold ingame, then you bought it earning it ingame. How do you feel about people who didn't have to farm anything, they bought that advantage without doing anything? There is a diffrence turning gold into ingame currency, and turning real life money into gold. So no, I still stand right. REAL MONEY, should not get you ANY advantages in arena, hell, I don't want them to get any advantages in PvE either. I don't want anyone to get better just because they bought their gear/materials/books/what ever... If you farm gold, and then buy your skill book with that farmed gold it's not the same thing as buying it with $$$.
  6. You link a better source then stating I'm wrong, and your definition is right.
  7. Yeah, and once you read the money turns into gold part, which everyone in this thead understood except of you, your life might turn to the better aswel. All the power to you.
  8. What weaknesses? I'm diamond, I have over 500g waiting for my warlock, and that is over 500g + 31 transformation stones + 25AP gem, etc. What weakness? I will not fking drop 400g for an insanely expensive book, I did earn the right to own that book tho. (If I should decide to still go through with it, I will not buy this stupid book and give some trash 400g) Other people can buy it in mere seconds, they do not deserve that book. Neither will I give some kid 400g, end of story. You have to realize, at no point in this thread have I ever stated I can't buy that thing. I'm very confident most of the kids who are replying to me tho, are not as wealthy as I am ingame. I have earned my way to the win. I still farmed for this stuff, I have earned it fair and square, while other people can simply buy it without lifting a single finger. PAY TO WIN.
  9. Convenience is not power, now you are trolling tho.
  10. Just bcause you can earn the items without money doesn't mean it's not p2w, I've already linked you the meaning of the word. If you can skip all the hard work just by buying the stuff it's pay to win. You can simply buy that book, and your character will be better than the others, even tho you didn't invest as much time as them. You will win games in Arena bcause you were able to wave your credit card, since you didn't need to farm the book or the gold and so skipped ahead of time to actually earn it by ingame means.
  11. Some of the post I can't tell if just stupid or troll. These HM books increase your dmg significantly. Your second skill page does not. A warlock with the 400g book, does ALOT more dmg than the Warlock without the book, it's pure power. You should not be able to buy this power with money and circumvent all the farming. Pay to win baby, pay to win.
  12. Proove what? YOU can buy gold in game with the currency exchange = you can buy the 400g book other people have to spend time for. THE GAME allows you to buy gold, so you can simply buy 400g, proove what? What proove do you need? You are funny man :D While guy A has to earn the book by running BSH or by farming gold, guy B can simply wave his credit card and buy gold, go to the market and buy the book. Hello, pay to win.
  13. This thread is hilarious, I expected some dumbness but this is epic. The WL book alone increases your DMG by 70%, and who talked about hardcore gamers?! No one talks about the people who have grinded for it either, it's about the people who haven't done anything and just bought it with money instead of earning it in-game the legit way. The game should not allow you to buy gold. If you buy it from the chinese you should get banned. With the currency exchange, buying power is doable in a legit way, atleast risk getting banned for your p2w mechanics.
  14. I could link 2 players, 1 hearthstone and the other I have no idea wtf he does. Both work in the Oil Industrie. The hearthstone guy spend over 20k$ just for the cards, and he will keep doing so. Yeah, sccessful people just don't have time, you are right, these guys grow their money on magical trees and collect it.
  15. The point is, if you don't pay with money, you have to earn it in game the legit way. Other people can simply pay their way through it instantly. No time investment, nothing, creditcard and they are good to go. It's not that hard. You are buying power other players have to farm for and thus, earn it INGAME. As a player who pays for the item, you are cheating the fking game and are better than the ones who didn't earn it ingame.
  16. I'm too lazy to pull up all the times NCSoft said, they don't want this game to be p2w. Are you smart enough to look it up yourself or even remember the countless times this game STATES it DOESN'T WANT TO BE P2W, but it is right now.
  17. See I can simply google and show you what pay to win means, but since you think it's so diffrent, show me a source which shows me wrong but you right. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win Here I will start with the 1. link over google, it states clearly: If you pay to advance in a faster rate compared to someone who is not paying. Your turn big boy, show me the meaning of the word in a diffrent source which shows I'm wrong and your right.
  18. So when you enter Arena with your book, you aren't stronger than your opponent just bcause you waved your creditcard right?
  19. Not every game states clearly not beeing p2s. They say it on stream, they say it with the word "esports", they said it many times. This item is p2w and goes against the vision they communicate to the players.
  20. Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win It's okay bobby, I will explain this to you, I'm expecting brainless people when I make a thread like this. Someone who can buy power at a faster rate because he pays for it, is the definiton of p2w. Just because you can save up gold doesn't mean it's not p2w. I just rocked your world, admit it.
  21. They said, they won't do pay to win stuff in this game, they keep saying this many many times aswel. You should learn what pay to win means, I already stated and copied you the dictionary, atleast try to fanboy a little smarter.
  22. Just because you have to save up for it, doesn't mean someone else isn't able to simply buy this power for money, it's not fair. P2W is about getting an advantage over others with money, which these books exactly do, their drop rate is insanely low.
  23. I think the biggest turn off for the class is the skill book. It's around 400g and the book increases your DMG apparently by 70%, don't take my word for it on the number tho, I'm just copy pasting what I've read. All I know is the 400g+ Skill Book is going to make a worlds diffrence between someone who has it and someone who doesn't, the BM+WL books are definitley game changing for both. (Which I don't like at all... 400g is not exactly cake.) Pretty sure 90% of the people who plan on rerolling don't know about this. It's 400g without warlocks beeing released, some of the casual players should really think about if they want a character which needs a massive gold investment or lottery BSH 4man luck to play at full potential. Also don't forget, this book can be bought by buying gold, so it's pay to win. The DMG of a WL with book and one without should be significant enough to make a massively unfair 1v1 experience in mirrors. This is actually what put me off in the first place, I can deal with unbalanced things. But having some rich kid buy the book for a fortune and then do more dmg just because of it in Arena is simply stupid and not fun, it's p2w, something they said they wouldn't do. EVEN if the book drops, NOT SELLING IT means investing the money. You lose 400g in any way possible if you don't want to gimp your character.
  24. The forum will be packed with cry babys who use their skills without thinking. They will burst players who don't use their defensives. But see, all that fun will disappear at some point where the enemy isn't just rolling his face over the keyboard and screaming around how OP everything is. But unlike other classes, Warlock communicates everything they do in a flashy way = it's going to be much more easy to learn how to beat them since they telegraph everything. I've watched so many videos on them lately playing with the idea to switch, EVERYTHING they do is telegraphed in a flashy way, you will know exactly when to use your defensive abilitys. You can always see when their instant dragon stuff is coming. I feel like summoners will destroy them, and we have alot of summoners. Summoner is love, Summoner is life. (I've read they make some balance changes, maybe summoner isn't love anymore ;*( )
  25. You can simply farm the Warlocks by using your defensives the moment they start their burst. Look at how slow these dragons fly, my grandma could react to them and press a defensive skill. Even the pets time warp thingy, as an enemy you know exactly what's going to happen. I will press dandellion on my summoner and be invisible and immune to everything he does, have my pet in tank stance while I'm invis aswel, great job bursting Mr. WL, let me introduce you to my cat which doesn't disappear after 32seconds unlike yours. Or you know, press my petals and watch all their skills miss, and since they have to cast them and can't wait it out or the buff will be gone things will get really funny. I will happily trade my seconds cool down of petals with their minutes cool down of time warp huehuehue All that flashyness comes with the price of beeing VERY EASY to read. Think about the pet lol, that huge ass clock AoE buff, the moment you see that you start your iframes, every class has more than enough to avoid it.