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  1. Started to read, first thought, this guy must be a FM where damage is handed over for free. Kept reading. Saw "my FM", case closed. You FM's have it MUCH more easy than ANYONE in the entire game to get a Brilliant Chest from Blackwyrm<-- This is an answer you will understand, if you are able to think for a little bit what this actually implies. Let me be even more specific, while OTHER classes have to build groups with WL+KFM to reach that damage, you as a FM get it gifted to you just because of your class and literally have the damage on your own solo to get that chest with much less effort than the others. Sure sure, there is a little more going on, like beeing ranged, but still, you already do more damage than everyone else. As a summoner, when I play with decent FM's I can't take aggro by DPSing, ever, it's simply not going to happen when we have the same gear level. When I have a geared FM in my group, he always has aggro because the class puts out more damage. When I see FM's talk, they even talk about drawing aggro all the time, your class needs a DMG nerf so you can get to the same level as others. I want to be able to draw aggro from an FM just by DPSing when I do everything right. If we fight a Boss together, it will never be 25%, your broken class takes care of that. I want to be able to kick a FM who isn't doing more DMG than anyone else. I have similar gear on my sum, and I never really get into a mood where I'm like, DAMN, why are these ppl not pulling their weight. As long as stuff dies, I will do the carrying if need be. I also made over 50 random runs, and never have I had a team where I wiped over 4-5 times with. People like you cry all the time, I was in groups with 350AP players, did stuff die slower? yes! Did I had aggro the entire fight? yes! Did I get the good loot for cheap because these players don't have gold? yes! (I made several succesful Naryu runs with the complete team beeing below 370AP) I like to run with low AP people, and never have I had a group where we couldn't kill Naryu, never have I had a group where we wiped 10times, the max was 4-5times. But I guess beeing a Summoner helps, I can tank the entire room in B2, I play with the idea of doing the bomb aswel and with that pretty much do the entire thing on my own and just have them as my 5 DPS pets, sadly I can't give them names and I don't get to keep some of them, also the AI on my 5 new pets each run isn't always as great, but the groups never turn out to be as bad as ppl say. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have a bidding war with the 440+AP kids when I can get the stuff for much cheaper with a little more effort. I don't understand these people with their nightmare storys, I somehow didn't run into any players like that in over 50 random Naryu runs. If I want to share with others I will make a 440+ group, but I really don't... I rather take 5minutes longer and then fight the ppl with smaller wallets. I got like 4-5 Ornaments for 5gold as a reward for doing the run with 350AP players, just l2p without getting carried by outgearing the content, and your random experience might get better. One thing I hate in games like these are mechanics where the party has to save you. I really dislike getting gripped, and then need them to CC me out of it. This is the only thing which pisses me off, and I'm more angry at the devs than the players, I don't expect much from the players to begin with, I don't get disappoineted, I get surprised if they turn out to be good. The second thing I hate is, if the party has to assist me in CCing the enemy so I get punished for them failing, but this game is just SEXY in that regard. This game allows me as a summoner to provide 2 ccs on my own at all times, in lvl50 this will get even better. 2 stuns, 2 dazes, at 50 2 knockdowns. I love it. Sum is love, Sum is life.
  2. Just say it man, just do it: "Hey guys, we are aware of the performance issues. We still decided to not patch in the optimizations which came with the Warlock Patch in the Asian Regions. We decided to simply wait it out, since we are following a timeline with the patches, until the turn comes to the patch with the optimizations. We are really sorry for your inconvenience, but getting the optimizations from that Patch is simply more work than waiting that patch out. Thank you for supporting us. Oh, btw, we have 2 classes at lvl50 who can't even reach Top100 in Korea, we aim to be an eSport, only good things in the future loves." Instead, we get: "We are collecting informations about your PC's in order to find a solution, because the PCs in Asia are so much more diffrent than the ones in NA/EU we can't use the same optimizations we used on their clients, it's just way too diffrent." (lol)
  3. schwarzwyrm unspielbar

    Eine leuchtende kannst du vergessen mit der Performance, du kannst jedoch immer eine Kiste erspielen wenn du es so wie ich machst: - iPhone Stopuhr an - warte bis er den AoE gemacht hat - Stopuhr starten - Bei 15 Sekunden rennst du raus - reset stopuhr auf 0 - Stopuhr direkt wieder an - bei 15 Sekunden wieder raus (Er wird bei 20-22 den AoE machen, immer, es ist nicht random!) Als Nahkämpfer geht das wahrscheinlich nicht, aber als Fernkämpfer wirst du so überleben. Ich hab zum Teil 4FPS mehrere Sekunden Standbilder, andere Spiele wie Rainbow 6 Siege spiele ich auf Ultra 120+ FPS, in den Benchmarks habe ich super Zahlen. Das Problem liegt am Spiel und die Leute die das Gefühl haben man müsse aufrüsten sind halt nicht gerade die hellsten in der Birne, einfach ignorieren, mit solchen Leuten diskutierst du rL ja auch nicht sondern hast eher Mitleid. Du wirst auf den AoE nicht reagieren, und mit den Standbildern wirst du auch nicht anständig die Zeit einschätzen können. Mach es mit der Stopuhr falls du eben die Kiste willst. Kann dir aber schonmal sagen, Spass macht es nicht wenn du dann weisst das Kind neben dir holt sich gleich eine leuchtende weil er mit seiner gammel Hardware Glück hat im BnS Lotto. Ich bin in den Top30 mitm Gear auf meinem Server, es liegt daher nicht am Gear, dazu bin ich Summoner, ich brauche nicht wirklich gross Skill um Schaden zu machen. Falls mir das Spiel eine faire Umgebung geben würde, könnte ich auch eine leuchtende mit 20 Steinen kriegen anstatt immer eine 10er. Was mich am meisten aufregt sind eben die Kinder wie der Typ oben, die "immer eine leuchtende" kriegen. Er hat VIEL weniger Aufwand als du, aber kriegt am Ende 20 Seelensteine während du 10 machst. Er verdient einfach doppelt so viel, wird doppelt so schnell stärker etc... was einfach bescheuert unfair is. NCSoft nimmt aber nicht mal Stellung zu dem Thema, ich denke wenn eine Lösung kommt dann bei 50 was halt echt schade ist. Wenn wir schon am meckern sind, wie bescheuert ist das mitm Loot für Damage bitte? Ein FM hat es SO VIEL EINFACHER sich eine leuchtende zu erspielen, einfach dumm sowas. Man merkt irgendwo schon, wenn es um Damage geht gehört die Klasse generft.
  4. Actually, the players who are massively out spec'ing the requirements tend to have more issues. Playing this game on Windows 7 seems to fix things, alot of people report good things. The issue is, I am not willing to down grade to Win7 from Win10 just for BnS, you can't expect this from your customers. On the other hand, something is obvsly causing these issues since not everyone has problems. AALaguna changed his PC and I kinda wished he would run into problems, having a streamer with issues will get more attention to it, but didn't happen his lottery ticket was good enough. Something really bad happened mid February, we are not making this stuff up. CPU: i5-4570 3.4 or 3.6 ghz (can't remember my OC anymore :D) GPU: MSI GTX970 Mobo: MSI Z87-G43 Win10 64bit No Razor or Asus stuff! I've been following this issue since February tho, and alot of people with diffrent setups have problems too. I guess all we can do is wait for the patch to get us the asian optimization... I really hope it will help :/
  5. Had the same experience with the support, eventually I gave up and stopped answering them... I run every other game without an issue, I even get above average benchmark scores. The moment they came with ping, on a problem where I drop to 3FPS playing Blackwyrm I simply didn't see a reason to put up with it anymore. This is so stupid, I have to run a countdown on my iphone in hopes to be able to move out in time. Every time he does the AoE I have to reset it, and start it again just so I don't get wrecked with the insanely low performance. It's impossible to press any button in time. Today I got kicked out of the group after telling them why I have to go out and come back in. So I don't die you know... since these groups are apparently farming prestige and want their group members to do a billion DMG on Blackwyrm I had to leave. Keep in mind I didn't die, the countdown clock works for me in order to get a Box a the end, but I have to run out of the fight every 15 seconds and wait for him to do his AoE. I have to say, each day passing I have less and less incentive to log back in. I swear, if I didn't had premium I probably wouldn't even go back in. The fact I payed keeps me logging back in. I get the same stupid lags in Naryu, specially on the last 2 Bosses. IT IS NOT FUN to play like this... Since February I'm dealing with this stuff, I had 30FPS on blackwyrm before some patch. To this day, they didn't fix it, they didn't acknowledge the issue either. They simply don't communicate at all. I don't give a fk about bots while the game is unplayable, the bots aren't going kill this, the insanely bad performance of the game will. No one will leave this game, hear about optimisation patches and then be like "Oh, now I gotta go back and check this out maaan". No, people who leave will not come back. This game will not survive the test of time with these Devs. I will take a break of this game when Dark Souls 3 comes, that's also the time where they will implement lvl50 I guess. If it's not better until then I'm out. Edit: I also just learned in order to get the Brilliant Blackwyrm Box, you have to do alot more damage. Apparently it's not RNG... with an average of 7FPS during the Blackwyrm fight I have NO CHANCE of ever getting one of these, and I rock 430+ AP. Other people get 20 Soulstones per Box, while I get 10, since the game doesn't allow me to fight properly. So when I make 400 Soulstones in 2 days, other people have made 800 in the same amount of time with the SAME amount of effort. So *cricket*ing unfair, I'm so pissed and sick of it.
  6. Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

    So reading this I decided you do deserve some answers to your somewhat *cricket* claims, since I don't think you are even half as smart as you think you are, and we both know you think you're really smart... here we go: 1. I play Arena every day, and I haven't really met a single Bot yet. I'm at plat, and I would very much like me some freelo against Bots, pls gimme gimme. However, just bcause you "smart" boy don't meet any, does not mean other players aren't meeting them either. Just because you don't face many of them, does not mean someone else isn't facing many of them. You are not at the same rating as everybody else. Just because you know how to beat a Bot, does not mean someone else can do so aswel. I have friends who can't finish any Dark Souls game, I on the other hand don't have many issues. Doesn't mean the game is easy. 2. You simply just stated what they were already saying, the Bots are indeed everywhere. Just because you only see 1-2 Bots doesn't mean there are no Bots. You simply confirmed it yourself, they are indeed everywhere, just not an army of them. To put this into perspective, I haven't even seen a single Bot, or recognized a single Bot yet. And I'm still able to use my brain to the point where I can see why others say there are Bots everywhere. 3. I haven't faced a Hacker yet either, but I have seen YouTube videos about it where people recorded their losing games, they do exist. This again, shows how insanely smart you are, just because YOU haven't met a hacker doesn't mean there are no hackers. There are people out there actually getting hacked, it's a fact, these players have to communicate this somewhere. 4. This is one of the few valuable things you wrote. Even tho I don't lag, I very much like to shut those things off. Thank you. 5. This is the same smart boy mistake you have made in a previous point. I haven't met any Bots to this day either, and I lvled my WL to 45. Guess what tho, I saw AALaguna on stream enter Brightstone with 3 Bots. All of them simply standing AFK and he either had to leave or solo the instance. You not encountering this issue does not mean it's not there. Also, there is an Event going on right now rewarding players to level up new toons. This might be the reason why you haven't met those bots, NCSoft isn't stupid and made a good call with this Event so you won't just have Warlock only partys in low levels, as a positive side effect you have more players to queue up. 6. They are paying, so they want every second they spend cash for, again mind boggling how this can bother you. And who cares about BDO... this is BnS. 7. They complain because the game runs like shit, apparently the BDO counterpart isn't as bad as you say it is. Or maybe GameGuard has nothing to do with the issue, but still very intelligent of you to say "BDO has something else, it's bad, so BnS is good." 8. Yeah didn't know what to say, so I will say that ;D This is pretty much you coming here and pretending like there are no issues because you didn't have to deal with them. Not everyone has 10 second freezes on Blackwyrm, etc. If we look at the performance issues, NCS isn't even acknowledging the problem. They broke something in February, an entire month passed without them fixing it. It is a very good thing to have people voice their problems. FILL the forums with them, so they have to atleast open their mouth about it and say they are doing something. This is a game people actually enjoy, and they want it to be better. Take it or leave is a really stupid way to handle this. You don't want these players to leave either, trust me on this one, it's still a fricking MMO. Even the whales need other players to show off for, if there is no prestige these players will soon leave the game aswel.
  7. Warlock Mushin Tower F7 *need tips*

    I killed him with less gear. You have to use your 1 block, that's pretty much all I can tell you really. You can't cheese him like others can, you actually have to beat him fair and square. You have to learn his pattern, block every time he attacks you, don't waste your CC when he's immune. But it's not a gear or class question, if I can do it, you can do it ;P On the other hand, I believe F8 you can't do as a WL. Maybe someone will prove me wrong. You can kill F8.1 with Profane + awakaned infernal (my gear), but F8.2 I struggled insanely, which I need alot more gear for. But I really can't see a WL kill 8.3 not with the same gear level others can. As a side note, and this might motivate you? After I was able to beat him in 7F as a Warlock, I got much better at doing it with the Summoner aswel. With the Summoner I didn't even knew he was going to attack you when he does his red AoE thingy around him,100% of the time, that attack will destroy you aswel. I just didn't need to know anything haha. With the WL I had to learn the fight, and it was 100times harder than it was with the Summoner, but after, I beat him much more easily with the Summoner aswel since I got better at the game because of the WL :D.
  8. +400 ap

    I had my fair share of 400+, and 3xx players, and I have to say some of the guys in here are simply right. Every time I had a group with no 400+ players, they died, we wiped, and the entire run took SO MUCH more time than it should have had. I can honestly say, I didn't have that experience with 400... Every time the party had an average of 400 the entire run went insanely smooth. So all this, skill matters, 400 AP says nothing just isn't translating into reality.
  9. Mmo's common features which we miss

    Change current bidding system to Need/Greed - Wrong This makes me not want to run any cross dungeon without gold EVER... if I spent my gold on upgrading my gear I will never win anything. Think about it for a second, I have to FARM content and in order to get any rewards I have to pay for it or run premade. So I go through the hassle to clear the dungeon with everyone else, then RNGesus loves and finally drops my item, let's say a Skillbook for my class in BSH. Great, oh wait, not so great, bcause after all the work I still have to pay a fortune to get that book I just earned because the other players are bidding on it too so they can sell it, even tho I'm the class which could use it. I grew to hate this bidding system in this game, I really do... If I run BSH and my book drops, I don't want to spend 100g on it. WHy the fk do I have to pay for a drop, it's stupid as hell. When I have low G I just have no motivation to run these things at all, because even if it drops I will still need the gold to buy it from the other players. What was so wrong with the plain old luck system, I roll a 98 and get the item. Atleast that was fair and didn't burn a hole into your pocket for something you clearly worked for already by running the dungeon.
  10. I was able to do Blackwyrm before the "February" Patch with 20-30FPS. NO screen freezes of 10 seconds, I didn't have freezes and lags in PoH or BsH 24 last bosses either. Since that patch I wasn't able to participate in Blackwyrm ever, the 24mans are manageable with 2-5 FPS randomly but these are small laggs compared to Blackwyrm where I literally just freeze in place for 10 seconds, play 2 seconds, and freeze again until he kills me... Farming Terrors and Blackwyrm is content which was blocked for me the moment they broke something in February. You can only imagine my delight when they bound an item drop for the Moonwater Soul to the terrors... They aren't doing anything in this regard, believe me. If they had any intention to change anything they would have fixed what ever they broke in February. Have you guys ever heared that the asian versions run better? There is a better optimization already out there. They are just lazy as fk to implement it now, they will most likely implement the optimization patches in the same way, they did with china. Do you see the issue? They HAVE a better optimized BnS in asia already. The only question is, with which patch did these come in? NA/EU we are simply running their patch shedule where they only implement the same road they did with them. Instead of putting in the work to actually get the optimization they simply let everyone play the older broken stuff until the time comes for that 1 important patch. There is a road for them with patches, just as an example for people who understand better visually: A__________B________C(we are here)__________D__________E__________F(Here we get the optimization) They KNOW F is out there waiting to improve the game, but they will go through D, E first letting everyone suffer for months instead of putting the optimizations in now. They broke something in February and never cared to hotfix it back to how it was, maybe it was Gameguard beeing gone, or I don't know, but they messed something up and never cared to do anything about it. This is why they don't say a single word, they already know about the existing fixes. How else would you explain the game running miles better on all the asian clients? These asian clients are the proove there are fixes, we simply wait for them to finally get to the content update which implements these, lazy as fk, doing things this way just leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
  11. Quickest and easy way to farm gold ?

    People like you annoy the shit out of me, can we get a down vote button please. --- Question: How do I do X, can someone help? Answer: Yeah you know, there are ways to do X, it's quick and fast and just amazing, but it's risky aswel. Ah thanks bro, now my question is answered. --- Question: Hey I have a Problem with X, do you guys know a solution? Answer: Yeah, I know the answer, it's pretty easy and fast to fix actually. Oh thx, now I know how to fix it. --- If I would say the things I wanted, I would get banned... must find ways to hurt ppl like you!
  12. Warlock vs 7F

    I kill him if my 1 block all go perfectly. Sometimes he attacks me, I block it, and then he's just resisting my CC and destroys me. Then an other time, same situation, he doesn't resist. Killing him as far as I could learn is just a question of proper 1 use. I don't even want to talk about the second Boss on 8F, this is the first time I feel like I can't do shit xD
  13. is it worth to make warlock main.?

    I really love the fact that you can solo things others can't as a summoner. Makes you feel very powerful and rewarding.
  14. This class is a joke.

    I have a summoner aswel, don't you feel like you are cutting yourself for swapping to WL? There is literally nothing my summoner can't do, while the Warlock feels like I'm gimping myself asking to have a harder time for nothing in return. Specially when I think about soloing harder content, I wanted to see the class, but I regret even starting the leveling process. I'm at 41 now btw. You are going to run into situations where you will lose as a Warlock while the Summoner would survive. I feel like my WL does nothing better, but is more squishy. My summoner might not have as big of numbers, but I can assure you, the DPS is not less when you compare it in a more fair manner, as in a longer time frame of DPSing and not just look at the big crits and be like, WHOA DPPPPPSSSSS. In essence, when I think about Boss fights the Warlock is not the best DPS. They are not the weakest either, don't get me wrong, I would say they are even. Conclusion: DPS = even, Defensives = lacking, Mobilty=lacking You are less mobile, are easy to die, but don't do more DMG to make up for it by beeing the best DPS. This is a really bad unrewarding feeling. As a Warlock you are going to have a much harder time clearing things compared to a summoner.
  15. Warlock or summoner?

    There is nothing you can't do as a summoner, like literally, you can do everything, the class is pure greatness. I would recommend a summoner easily, specially because the WL will face some struggles with it's lack of defensives. And I'm not fanboying either, summoners can really do everything, I have one myself. Warlock feels like I'm cutting myself when I think about my summoner, which is really sad.
  16. Current state of PvP and PvE viablity

    You have burst and a party buffs that's it. If you want to know DPS; you have to comapare it in a more realistic way, as in, 5-10minutes of DPSing. Other classes might not have those big numbers, but they do smaller faster numbers. In the end the Warlock is not better, but they are a clas gannon. DPS is not the issue the class has, it's the crazy lack in survivability without getting something to make up for it. Think about this for a second, WL is a glas cannon, they really lack ALOT of defensive capabilitys, but they don't make up for it for beeing the best DPS hands down. They are not #1 when it comes to DPS, but they really lack defensive stuff, which begs to ask, why? Honestly, I have a 41 WL to see if I like the class, and I feel like I would do a huge mistake swapping over from the Summoner. With Warlock you get the feeling like you have limits, since again, you really lack defensive stuff. They have to do something about the defensives, the class needs more ways to protect itself, just like all the other classes do. For me as of now, WL seems very underpowered. There is really nothing except of the group buff you will do better than others. In essence you are hurting yourself playing this class without getting anything in return except for a harder time surviving things. Big crits don't mean more DMG. Warlock will do a 100'000k crit, in 2 seconds. Summoner will do 50'000k crit, in 1 second. FM etc. At the end of the day you are even with the other classes when it comes to DPS; but you are much, much weaker when it comes to protecting yourself and survivng things. It feels very unrewarding to be honest. Even in situations where you make mistake, recovering from that said mistake is also harder compared to the other classes. You are a glas cannon who isn't the best DPS. I really hope they aren't going to go with more DPS, the class just needs help in the defensive area. Give them more ways to protect themselfs.
  17. I can see those opinions in this thread aswel, don't need google for that. I also saw this: The problem is that there is no agreed-upon definition of pay-to-win. "Convenience" items are a good case in point. Some folks don't mind them, while others point out that they can make your character more powerful in less time, depending on the system. They think they are right, why shouldn't I, it's not like they gave any proove at all. You can see how I asked for links, nothing came, just some 10IQ kids who are really bad at trolling. As long as none of them could be asked to bring up any source stating their side, I had no reason to back down. If I want to have a fair Arena 1v1 experience I wuld have to farm this book for 12 days now or spend 12 days of already farmed gold into it, while some other dude will buy it in mere seconds with cash. I'm fine with both sides beeing somewhat right. It's still funny for them to market this as an esport with mechanics like these. On the twitch link he's talking about those loot boxes, why they got removed after a couple days. Keep in mind, they did implement them anyway, like no one is looking into this stuff or they do it on purpose.
  18. exactly this^ In their world this isnt true, it's not p2w if you can grind it for 100 years, it's only p2w if you can't get the item without money. I understood the exact same thing you wrote, they say no, I google, first link all I see is I'm right. But hey, I challenged them to show proove several times, not a single one has managed to show 1 link which states what they say. They *cricket* about my link, hell, go get a better one then. We are on page 8, and I'm still waiting to actually see if one of them managed to get a better link than mine, since mine is so bad, it shouldn't take long to link a trustworthy source stating p2w is only if you can't get the item by free ways too. Guess what, they simply can't do it, that's why that link never appeared. It's easy to say nonono, your link is trash, it means nothing without delivering something better.
  19. Yeah because this is all about, how likely it is, this thread is not about the fact that it's possible. No, not that you CAN buy it for money, it's about how likely it is to face someone who has it, obvsly you are smart.
  20. I shouldnt have to compete with anyone who spends money on this game in arena. Arena should be fair and square, or they have to stop saying it's an esport and there is no p2w. If I'm right about the meaning of the word, I am right in this thread. They either market this thing what it really is, or people will complain about them not following their word.
  21. I don't even understand the sentence: a 400 dollar book is over 300 dollars
  22. I'm still waiting for the proove. I will get my only link again, I won't look for another one because none of you actually force me to. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pay-to-win Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying. or Pay To Win AKA P2W. when you are paying for advantage which normal players don't have access to unless they either pay too or will have to grind very long. This is the definiton, and you can obvsly change it. Still, this is better than showing nothing. I win the prooving. Many people understand the same thing under p2w, buying something you have to farm for a long time is considered p2w unless you have no idea. In order to get that book you have to farm for a long time, or simply p2w it, easy. I can get a source, where ppl state the SAME thing.
  23. The p2w aspect is EXACTLY why these book aren't dropping in price. These people who don't have to put in the work to get that gold don't care. As long as they exist, the prices will remain. Most ppl will never drop 400g+ for those things because it's quite a bit of work to get it ingame.
  24. You fail to realize that I want this book to be obtained in diffrent ways. I couldn't care less if he was more powerful. I'm trying to raise attention to this book with legit arguments so I don't have to spend weeks of ingame time to buy that shit. I have the money for it, there is no way I will buy that thing, it's so insanely overpriced. But do you understand the problem now? Even tho I won't buy it, all these people who wave their credit cards will. They don't care about the time investment, because they don't do it. They simply buy the power. This book is neccessary to have a fair PvP environment, it has to be obtained in diffrent ways. The currency exchange will stay, no matter what. They are so insanely greedy, they try to grab money from you in every way possible. I'm really surprised they give us 1 free slot for the WL.
  25. See this is not the discussion this thread is aiming at tho. I'm not saying the game couldn't need the money, or if it's absolutely out of reason. I'm simply saying this is pay to win because they say it isn't. Because, guess what? It is pay to win! I'm not fussing about the reasons why, just saying it is, and in a 6 page long game with bad trolls, I've yet to see 1 guy link me a source where I'm going to be wrong. I linked them what I found over google, and I didn't need the google link to understand it. I understand pay to win the exact way that link describes it. If they think they are so right, why is it so hard to get a source which prooves mine wrong. I delivered ;) I'm here saying it's pay to win, they make statements about how pay to win only counts if you can't get the said things by ingame means. So I google the word and see if I have a wrong understanding, I did this in the first few posts. I am not wrong, and I enjoy rubbing it under their pleb noses.