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  1. Welcome to the coalition of uniform-stuck clans, I am sad as well since we also spent lot of money on the contract and we can't even cancel it without losing everything. They should allow contracting only design with materials available on the current patch and not design based on stuff that can't be either farm or bought...
  2. Hi, We have exactly the same problem, the sleeveless uniform is really better but since morning calm top recipe is not out yet, we are stuck. Would you be kind to post the reply you got with Support please?
  3. Had the same problem especially with bloodmane and Fujin/Raijin warning. The only way to found was to disable context guide in option which disable the warning ( like in 4-man dungeon)...
  4. Post a picture of your 4-man Poharan achievement , people just love exaggerating to prove their point. I highly doubt in 250 runs you didn't get it even if RNGsus hates you. I did about 20 runs to get it.
  5. Wait a little, I think he can still hit rock bottom if he is cornered just a bit more.... Well put yourself in his shoes, it would be so embarrassing to admit the copy paste now but you know "Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum " All he can do is deny it to the end and try to save face (or play dead...) Anyway, I am still thankful for the guide since I didnt' know the freedomplays website
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