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  1. Ok, seriously i've had enough of this

    Hi, searching the market for the items you want to buy is a hard work! You know how many times it crashes and you need to reopen it and deal with items that appear in the search results although they have already been purchased? Not to mention wanting to buy ONE Gem Hammer or ONE Moonwater Transformation stone, but ALL OF THEM ARE SOLD IN STACKS OF FIVE!
  2. Ok, seriously i've had enough of this

    Close the market and make all items and coins untradeable outside of your account. No more bots.
  3. warlock, cant hang boys and girls

    Try a different character. I just brought my Warlock to 45, and it's not even half as fun or interesting to play as a Force Master or a Summoner.
  4. Summoner or Warlock?

    Summoner. Like TheBlazz said, the Warlock's Thrall lasts only 32 seconds, while the Summoner's Familiar lasts until it dies, and reviving it costs nothing but 5 seconds. Overall, I found the Warlock strong and VERY fragile (seriously, you easily die in one hit from almost anything until about level 40), but at the same time predictable and boring. You don't have as many skill as a Force Master, so there aren't many things you can do with the character, and you don't have many evasion skills like a Summoner. You'll have to trust your many snare skills to force the enemy to get stuck in place. Almost every skill has a cast time, which can drive you crazy, and you can cancel skills if you overlap them by mistake before finishing the cast time. Basically, you'll find a circle of skills that will shorten the casting time of each other and cast them in the same order, over and over again. While with other characters I had at least three different approach tactics to fight in different situations, the Warlock always fight the same. Warlocks are currently very expensive to make if you want to buy their weapons, and you cannot customize you Thrall, while you can customize your familiar in the big three towns via a special cat NPC. I have a Blade Dancer, a Force Master, A Summoner and a Warlock, all level 45, and the fun of the character is much more important to me than the final damage it deals. The most fun I had was with the Force Master. The Summoner afterwards. Then the Blade Dancer, which was ok, and finally the Warlock, which felt like an unoriginal and uninspiring character.
  5. Failed to connect to server?

    Europe Wild Springs.
  6. I made it to level 20 with my Warlock just to see what all the fuss is about, but I didn't like the gameplay that much. Force Master was far more interesting for me. The Warlock feels to me like a half-Summoner, with a pet that is summoned only half the time. Probably gonna leave the Warlock alone soon. I don't know if I can even reach level 45 with another character if it's not going to improve soon.

    Well, after trying to create a freakish voodoo lady of all kinds (really fat, really tall, and old crazy bunny fat dude with a mustache), I decided to go with the cute Jin blonde girl, but then I saw two others here who look exactly like her, so I just threw everything off the table and went full anime! You can do so many more things with a Lyn.

    Help guys! It's really hard for me to decide between these two!
  9. Show off your characters!!

    Glume, Level 45 Summoner. Wild Springs.
  10. Fix Combat Mode Already!

    A nice solution would be to have a hotkey to manually change between combat and free-run modes. You can set it to auto and it'll be just like now, but when you're an advanced player you can also set it to manual and decide when to be in combat mode and when in free-run mode.
  11. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    It's not WORKING! HaHA! Take THIS! Pretty much had it with the same guy voicing all the male human enemies as well.
  12. EU Marketplace Down again?

    Since the EU servers fell two days ago I have constant problems with the market. I hope it will be fixed after the next maintenance.
  13. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    I completely agree. The whole idea of a premium account contradicts the idea of paying per item in the Hongmoon store. If I pay for a premium account, I want to AT LEAST get a decent amount of Hongmoon coins with it, so I can buy myself an outfit or two (which will be available only during the times my account is premium), and maybe some Dragon Pouches or other premium junk. This is just too greedy. The most frustrating thing in my opinion is that although outfits in this game are permanent, the restriction on transferring them to other characters on the same account is horrible. And how they plan to fix it? Add another item to the Hongmoon store, which you will be able to buy with more real money, and which will allow you to make ONE OUTFIT tradeable within your account. ONE OUTFIT. Personally, until we get some "free" outfits or Hongmoon points with the premium membership, and until the wardrobe is shareable with all characters on the same account for premium members, I'm not planning to renew my premium membership. There is just no reason to.
  14. Your character look after launch

    Tango, my 39 Force Caster. Made by the game's random generator (or at least pressing it enough times until I was satisfied).
  15. Super boxer guy at PvP?!

    I press the big READY button and kill whatever is infront of me. It's not like every fight I had so far was a cake-walk, but this literally felt unfair.