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  1. @Himeso just to be clear, there won't be any returning / refunding / compensation for pet poda also removed that were obtained from RNG boxes in cash shop? That's just a scam at this point with another issue with cash shop items being purchase and your shitty p2w systems
  2. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    I have had several characters effected, I've dropped from 600+ outfits on my main character "Kvy" to now around 530?? I've also lost outfits on "Kiwii" and "Kvy SF" of which all were obtained before you even made this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up. Ive also lost over 200 pet pods which I obtained before and during this issue via other means (RNG boxes and via other pets / events / drops) If you were going to make changes to revert this, it should have been done immediately, not weeks after so that you can also ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up outfits obtained BY SPENDING MONEY IN YOUR GAME which is all you seem to want now a days.
  3. In my opinion they're trying to beat out the supply of gold coming from real world trading as they are taking to cut of this profit when all they need to do realistically is fix F9 and that would probably motivate most people to buy through there instead of from external sources. This isn't really the way they should be doing this but unfortunatley it seems like they don't want to ask the community for help in regards to fixing these issues and would rather just agree to what KR say. It doesn't seem to be a two way street between NCWest and NCSoft (KR). It looks as though KR tell them what to do and they just agree, no counting their proposals even though the market in the west is entirely different to Korea. It's getting beyond a joke at this point. @HimeAre you a part of any of the community discord servers where you can ask for feedback on decisions made by Korea to help evidence that the playerbase isn't happy with the patches or events that have come out as of late? As I'm sure if you joined any of them they would be more than happy to provide help and assistance regarding this. They could possibly even make your job easier and just tell you what we want from the game as Korea obviously do not know. Kind Regards,
  4. I can agree in regards to this. The incoming gold nerfs are just going to discourage new players from continuing to play the game when they realise that to get enough legendary elements to upgrade a bracelet it's now going to take them a little over twice as long for no reason what so ever as well as having to buy accessories from a sell raid due to the community not being populated enough to always have new groups recruiting for raids. It just makes it extremely hard for anyone to catch up and get even mediocre gear to be able to partake in later game content.
  5. @Hime Hello there, I'm just wondering what happened to the fixes for Kung Fu Master that KR have had for around 2 months at this point. Are these just overlooked in the patch notes or do you just not care? I don't understand why you have decided to include buffs for wind kfm and wolf kfm without considering the buffs that were also included for fire? Or the nerfs for all 3 specs. Not to mention the bug fixes for kfm. I'm certain there are other changes missing from other classes as well but I am not familiar with them I'm afraid. This is the only hope I had for continuing to play and you let the whole playerbase down again with poor decision making in regards to this. You mentioned on stream that we were getting skill changes up until the KR patch on the 20th of May, however it seems like you have picked out several changes and left the others out which baffles me to no end. Thank you in advance :)
  6. I mean now, anyone with the slightest bit of gear just solos it, so no help for new players. I gave up on MOML ages ago and just solo / duo it now. It's just killing F8 more than it is already