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  1. so? is it intended? because it makes no sense whatsoeve to be bound to character instead of account bound
  2. so suposedly wen you equip it should become account bound, however instead of beeing account bound it turns untradable.
  3. Really? are you ****ing kiding me? that language doesnt exist and this game is distributed in EU and NA wich stands FOR NORTH AMERICA AND EUROPEAN UNION, ON MY ****ING KNOWLEDGE BRAZILIAN DOESNT EXIST IN NEITHER, also did i mention that brazilian isnt an official language? i support the game but i rather play in ****ing japanese or korean than in br, I DONT SUPPORT THE GAME TO HAVE A CRAPPY TRANSLATION THAT ISNT EVEN WORTH 10BUCKS, EVEN A 10 YEAR OLD KID FROM PORTUGAL CAN MAKE BETTER PORTUGUESE TRANSLATIONS, i dont care if its cheaper a br translation, but that is the most outrageous move
  4. if u mean SSP ur fps drop is mainly player fault, the chanels block at 24 people but the damn nubs keep overloading chanels with the double capacity and that happens, if ur pc overheats thats your problem, mine doesnt and i keep it runing 24/7, random DCs are because ur net is changing chanels because bns doesnt have a reconect feature you get DCed, if everything else also goes off, im sorry to tell you but ur Internet provider SUCKS
  5. wut? shadow wl? i think u mean Ice wl because shadow does it pretty fine, ice the dragons wont even have time to land
  6. lol? can u even compare the quantity of EU players that work during the day VS NA players that play during the night? the answer is no, the prime time is so much more valuable i also have a piece of my mind to give you i have played on other companies and seen some server merges of 5-6 servers it never takes longer than 8 hours so asking 11h is a joke same for maintenances they hardly ever take 2h but here 3h is the minimum of minimums, and last but not least most companies have 2 maint times 1 for NA region and another for EU region(companies that work on both sides) or start at
  7. wen they give us maint out of prime time we can go by equallity but untill then, NO!
  8. ye i mean over that compensation we need an even further one, its like 26 coolers? theres ppl who lost more than that, that have full character slots and do daillies in all of them, plus the premium time compensation is also only for premium players like me, i belive that it should be extended in EU side to at least every EU player, NA doesnt need a compensation to start with, not only guys in NA didnt have down time yesterday, they got servers back up be4 and got their maintenance done out of their prime time
  9. We need a further compensation, as if it was not enough to have 4+ hours stolen from our prime time yesterday plus today maintenance during prime time, plus extra time and plus NA comes back first, now your ****ing server merge ended up as a disaster with the MS of every EU player skyrocketing, as if the previous latency wasnt bad enough.
  10. well as ppl said take whatever youre comfortable with, but let me correct Nyaha The closer to the endgame the better shadow build gets, shadow build has a more constant DPS than ice and its way more usefull than ice, and the only real value of ICE is short battles with big oponents, shadow has an overal 20% more DPS in the longer battles while on ice the longer the battle keeps going the lower your dps will be
  11. they still get Dragoncall reset after airboning the enemies+instant cast, if they do either i want that on my wl also or remove it!!!!
  12. If you think SB is s**ty now then dont EVER AGAIN ASK FOR WL FOR YOUR PARTY sb lost a 30% dmg nerf but even still it has a 20% AND AWAKENED SKILLS, also wen skills change to awakened they will have cooldown reset this only applies to skills that change to awakened during sb btw
  13. error on image link, also for some reason i allways get a bug abt cooldown between posts and seems i cant edit the main post
  14. here is an image of the error in question
  15. well as to the cliping etc, obviously bigger characters will have more bugs related to such things, its easy to know because everything is fit to a standard, since Jins are the most human like race ingame they are obviously in general the main etc, as for lyns theyre smaller etc so even if they have more clipings than any other race the truth is its more likely to not be noticed because theyre smaller so everything else abt them is smaller aswell, also usually wen you play you play with the camera the furthest possible(at least its what i belive to be the most comon) so even if you look it won
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