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  1. Agreed, if remaining hp was the primary score then certain tactics like this would wreck pvp. Thats why in my post I suggest that damage should be the primary score but remaining hp should have at least some impact on it. That way if youve been dominant the whole match and the enemy just landed a lucky combo at the end, you would still win. It prevents classes abusing fully defensive builds that will never kill you but instead slowly rack up points vs the more healing heavy classes, and it rewards skillful play. Example; damage+(hp remaining/2)= Sin does that ridiculously careful play where he hits once or twice then runs away, gets 50k overall damage but leaves KFM with 30k hp remaining after some heals. KFM lands 2 nice combos during brief period of visibility doing 35k damage and leaving the sin with 5k hp remaining. Sin gains 52.5k points KFM gains 50k points Sin was dominant for most of the match, so is the victor, but the kfm is close because he got the sin low by timing things correctly. Hell of a lot more balanced than the sin winning with a big lead in damage even though its much much closer to death.
  2. I think damage should be favored when winning a match, but remaining hp should at least be counted with a reduced value. reasoning; some classes are able to turtle up and spam defensive skills like spin or stealth while landing the occasional 'fluff' hit that wont really affect your hp and is easily healed. By playing defensively and repeating this tactic they can improve damage on the scoreboards while being unable to move your hp bar with no chance of killing you, thus securing a win without playing well even if you land a nice combo on them that leaves them with much lower hp. (*cough* sins) some other info to consider though; 1, combos shouldnt count at all, because some classes rely more on poking and escaping combos rather than performing them (summoners compared to kfm/destro will almost always lose on amount of combos) 2, classes have different survival skills that directly affect the score, take bd for example, their main defense is spinning which avoids the damage of a lot of skills vs a smn or FM who is naturally squishier, but has the defense of healing that damage back... take them both to the 3 minute mark and the one that avoided the damage will score much better even though they both performed equally and ended with equal hp, this makes the current 3minute score unbalanced towards certain classes. 3, clearly the healing itself shouldnt be counted, as that would skew the score in favor of classes like summoner. tldr- should score people on how close they were to victory, not just how much damage they did.
  3. The real WHY summoner is OP

    I did say its 'near' impossible, ive achieved it too but only because the opponent was truely useless... any player in platinum will be able to escape the root and the cat grapple instantly and youll have to land it two or three times before it even sticks once and allows a little comboing :)
  4. The real WHY summoner is OP

    of course you're all missing the fact that summoner can only really break combos and cant really create them other than root/grapple... compared to every other class it has the least amount of combo potential- take BD, KFM, Destro, Sin, FM and play well and you can 100-0 in arena, with a summoner thats near impossible unless the opponent has no skillpoints or skills available to break free from root... which just about every class has. Then notice that every single other class has a skillpoint option specifically designed to counter the brute force of summoner.. you can disable him or the pet for 30secs with a sleep or unconscious skill and woop you suddenly have a huge advantage :p Summoners are just harder to deal with using a NORMAL playstyle, this makes them feel overpowered until you adjust for them... As ive stated in other posts, playing a summoner in platinum is as hard if not harder than my BD and FM depending on the class im fighting against. (just a lil note; I found summoner deals with assassin quite well but has a reeeeeeeal difficult time with KFM, probably another reason summoner seems to score well is that the arena is full of assassins giving them a mostly easy ride up til platinum...)
  5. Summoners and balance

    Thought id take a moment now the servers are offline to post my findings on the summoner class as I've been hearing a lot of 'overpowered' complaints from just about every gold level player. Ive now played a SMN and LBD to max level, and have an FM around level 20. Compared to the other classes the summoners kit starts with far more powerful abilities; self heals, ccs with no focus cost and what feels like much higher damage overall. On paper the summoner is miles ahead of the others and able to pvp competently from the get go, heading into the high gold ranks before even hitting level 20. This is what most players notice, new low level players able to score well with a summoner without much practice and missing half their skill points... Every ability they have is incredibly strong sounding on its own, but aside from attempting the same grasping roots+nuke combo over and over, there are no proper cc chains... While my bd around level 40~ bloomed into something very different with many more ccs that pierce defense and 100-0 combos, basically a completely new approach to pvp... the smn was barely different at max level than when it started, barring a couple extra dots and some bonus healing / combo interrupts. Smn is very overpowered and easy for low level and gold rank pvp, it gets everything it needs very early, but as things get to high level and platinum ranks they even out. People learn strategies to take you or your familiar out of the fight quickly and most other classes start to gain the ability to chain combos while the smn stays the same and has to play turtle, hiding inside his or her petal shell waiting for a small opening. At 45 in platinum the BD and SMN both felt like they required equal skill to play, both had advantages and disadvantages versus certain classes. (As a footnote though I will say that in solo pve the summoner is still on an entirely different level as those cc chains dont matter... Found it easy enough to solo every non purple dungeon up til 45 without even losing hp... doom n bloom is a crazy powerful skill and probably shouldnt drain health in an aoe)