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  1. tower Bracelet

    Please quit. If you got the legendary bracelet but you are not able to clear a simple flour .. your are not worthy of that bracelet, please tell me that at least you wasted some gold to get it... but since your a "money" guy.. it's clear you just payed for the gold or something. I got my bracelet on 8 runs and it dropped at floor 18. Looking at how toxic you are.. you are not the type of player I would like to have in a dungeon with me.. since you got the bracelet .. I'm guessing you are above 900ap.. and if you are.. and you can't clear a simple stage like 18... well . yeah. What are "too many runs for you" ... if you consider "too many runs" for the bracelet.. I'm scared to know how many runs you did for the legendary.
  2. Tower bracelet

    Floor 18... how can you not pass it ? Run around.. attack.. that's all you have to do... if you can't pass 18... it's 100% you won't have a chance for 19.. and we are ignoring 20. What's your gear ? could you tell us ? since you can afford to trow away 100$ for a bracelet.. I would hope ( and I would be sad ) that you are above 950ap... but I doubt it.. because if you would have that ap.. you would nuke the boss down on 18 without even looking at it.
  3. Will i ever catch up? Is it worth it?

    You will... I managed to catch up in 2 months.. and I only invested some money in trove to get the gems and mats... were it was well worth it... re-started the game on 740ap, 2 months later and I'm 931ap... and I spent on 2x50 keys.. or maybe 3.. can't remember and all the slots for it. that's about it. I think the next trove will be in a month's time were you will be able to get a good boos as well if you want to invest money in the trove, you get some decent mats. But you have to do the purple train daily to get gold.. and for the hard dungeons.. it takes longer to find a party.. but you can find some at 750 as well.. but expect to fail as well.. once you hit 800.. life get's simpler.. then again at 850.. and then 900.
  4. Download speed.

    6mb/s ? And you think that's fast ? .. I have 100mb/s .. and the best I can get on BNS is 3mb/s .
  5. just got back to the game

    Oh please.. "I love how you actually came in here acting like you know what you're talking about" .. .. do you even know what open world pvp stands for ? if you only did pvp in blade, then you have no idea. If the entire server dose not know about it.. then it's not huge..and when it happens like you stated it's just a random thing that has no real value... back in the day when SSP was full, and I mean full... yeah then you could have called it a open world pvp, but now ? No.. and get over it... if you have a party .. a premade party come to just pvp and then nothing happens for days and weeks.. it's not a big woop.. when this is a regular thing were clans have to actually FIGHT for a channel.. then you call it pvp.
  6. just got back to the game

    open world pvp ? best joke I saw ... what open world pvp ? MSP ? not in this game.... there is no open world pvp in this game.. get your facts straight... if you want pvp you only have arena.. 1v1/3v3/6v6. that's it.
  7. just got back to the game

    Ignore the mails, you won't get them from now on. Bots are more or less non existent .. I restarted as well 2 months ago.. and I only saw 2/3 bots. The ingame and endgame content, in simple terms you need a clan if not you won't see the endgame content.. ( only if you pay a lot of gold ) You get to do the purple train, you get to do the legendary dungeons but since you just returned you still need to grow a bit till you get accepted in them... that's about it
  8. Show off your characters!!

    you guys know there's another thread that has 40 something pages right ? why not go there ?
  9. Fix 6v6 Crashing

    I'm watching this thread with pure horror and I'm counting my starts that I never crashed. But then again, I never crashed, how many people in total do crash ? from the total. because if it's just like 1 / 10 .. out of 3.000 ( if we have that player base ) .. it might be just a problem on the users end.
  10. Promises about outfits and ofcourse no outfits!!!

    if we would be so lucky that they would give it away... I would love to change the engine so we can do mass pvp's .. and see huges sieges.
  11. Yeah.. Kinda.. if you don't have time to invest.. BT is just a part of the game that you wont see very soon... it's not something that all people get to see and experience. Hey @Aveos if you feel that bad about it, I recommend you to get 2.500 gold, pay the entry fee with a top guild that do the 4 stages, and you get to have the main part to upgrade your weapon :) witch you will have to pay at 2.000 .. simple right ? with pugs that essence will shoot at 2.500 so you save 500 that you could pay for the entry fee. Just because it's in the game dose not mean you get to experience it if you don't have time for the game.... don't think I have a lot of time for it either.. I invest around 5 hours and weekends is were I shine.. but as end game goes.. what.. you do the purple and leg. and your kinda done as far as gold goes.. then you go in pvp and what else you might want... since you can craft on the run. and it takes hours and hours. No one cares what you do outside the game.. like .. wife and kids.. we all have friends with the same problem, or we have the same situation like yourself, don't use it as an excuse... calculate your time better, invest on the important things.. and that's all you can do on a budge time. When we do BT.. the person that will organize will talk to most of us.. get our times when we are on.. and set it on a day and hour to match us better.... for instance our BT is today because most are on... you can't have that with PUGS.. they don't care if they miss the timer or not.. in a clan you get replaced if you don't hold to your word.. either your on or not.. simple.
  12. @Aveos I'm sry but if you can give only 3 hours minimum for this game then BT is not the place for you at your current AP... witch I'm guessing it's at 850. around that.... with PUGS. At your current AP your best chance is a clan, it's just simple as that. This is end game, this is not a normal dungeon to be done so easy and with PUGS, find some reason in your logic first. It's just simple to see were your fault is, you are looking for a squad that well..wont fail.. and the first boss is a bit difficult to do if you don't know what to do.. but still easy with good communication. But.. alas, your wish will be offered when BT will be nerfed and be dropped to a 12 man... so I'm guessing this discussion is just for nothing... and all you have to do is wait. Since you don't have enough time to invest in it, you should focus to make full legendary or get more money and mats..... the BT will be nerfed but not now.. I'm guessing in 2-3 months ? maybe ? if not 5 months... but only because we will get another dungeon even more difficult... will you ask for a nerf then as well ? You play and advance at the speed that you can. Imagine what bonus these guys that invest 10 / 18 hours a day, because you want a chance for something better... it dosen't work like that for end game... it's supposed to take time and it's supposed to be hard... you are not angry here because you want the game simpler... you are angry because your PUG is failing thus not making it possible for you to get some gold out of it.... but keep in mind since you can't even pass the first boss.. you won't get much stuff out of .. not even from the second.. the 3'd one is were the good stuff drops... and since you are doing it with pugs, it's clear you WONT have the dps or knowledge to burst it down and you will need to do mech.. WITCH .. will not end well. Bottom line.. invest the little time that you posses .. and search for a decent clan.. and hope that you make the cut on the list.. because we all know.. in a clan.. we still take the ones that join discord / ts3 to be able to form a bond.. why would I take you when I can take my best friend.. because we are in the same clan ? the same clan that you never joined to just say "hy".. ofc not.. you try and gear up people that will be there for you.
  13. THANK YOU ! WELL SPOKEN ! I hate these people that want to run in BT at 700 / 750 AP... First time that I joined BT I was 750 and got kicked to make room for a higher AP, I was not mad about it, I understood that the need for dmg is high, so I accepted it. You know what I did after that ? I worked hard to get the AP needed to be considered for a spot and then I worked hard to get the AP NEEDED for the spot. It's very true than clans that run it for the first time spend hours and hours to even beat the first boss and you @Aveos what to do it in like 10 minutes.. no... you need to work and actually LEARN what to do. The first boss lasted hours when we started BT... hours .. now it's done in 10 minutes.... second boss we tried to just nuke it down.. we failed each time.. we tried one more time before we called it a day but this time with mech... we ALMOST failed it... it was like at 1% when timer run out and we all were screaming.. "nuke nuke nuke" .. and we got it... at the next bt when we got to the second.. we now just nuke it.. because we know what to do now and ofc in a week people evolve .. they get higher stats.. not like you that do nothing and want stuff simpler. The 3'd boss... oh god the fails... because we kinda refused to learn the mech and wanted to nuke it down.. we failed so many times.. so many hours.. oh god.. so many resets on cats.. 10 minutes breaks each time... again hours.... and now ? .. just nuke it down in a couple of minutes because we know what to do... the end. Now were at the 4th boss.. were we are still failing and we are still learning.. were getting better organized to be able to pull it off since we keep on failing... but do you hear me crying like you are ? No.. we get people to know how to react.. just like we failed and failed to get to the 4th boss we will fail here as well till we do it. So.. you are more or less right with the money ... but not by much. if you do the 1 / 2 / 3 stages.. you get around.. 300 gold per person.. and it's not that much if you can do the purple train. and the legendary bosses. If you have pinacle gear on your and not even legendary ss.. and you care crying that BT is hard, then you will just get bashed all over this forum AND IF you have high ap. good pet aura. ss and you fail and cry then it's your team and you to blame.... some people wasted hours and hours to even pass the first boss. GET GUD
  14. lol lol lol .. now this is scary tho. my RNG with the premium slot is a bit bad... I have 2 gems ( like the one you get on the end ) and I would love to hit it again to, you know, upgrade my gem... but looking at you guys now I pray I don't hit the "go to start" up till now all my clan members get venture tockens... they brag each time with it.. and I was like "COME ON PREMIUM SLOT" .. and I would jump it.. or land short and then jump... I managed to hit the premium since the even started only 3 times.. and 1 time I got a non important thing and 2 times complete 1 run and return to the same spot.. witch is nice.... but now I know how bad I dodged a bullet on that and not just "complete a run and continue from start" ... I would REALLY !! REALLY !! Be mad if I would be right at the end.. were I can smelllll the gem.. and I land on the LAST PREMIUM.. and I just SKIP IT ! Who in the marketing department had this great idea ? because it's not the first... since I decided to return to this game.. I've seen so many bad decisions I'm just amazed that someone is getting PAID to do this and NOT think it... first were they made the whales get gold.. then events.. then nothing.. then farm.. then nothing.. now this. Now I'm scared to land on it.. since my rng with the dash is not that great... my clan mates got 2k NCoins .. and I get 2 full runs.. "yey".... and you guys to get "start again" ... I'm just scared. Why would you "advance to start" if there's LITERALLY nothing good at a full run ? You think we want to skip venture ? The GEM ? The PACKS ? all the "decent" things ??? This is right down insulting to say the least .. it's like a middle finger to all the people that payed .. including me... it's just insulting... "thank you for paying, let me make sure you never get the content that want"