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  1. This game is balanced . probably one of the most balanced game out there especially at pvp . every class has a chance against ANY class. Dont go rage your problems out in the forums because ure just bad
  2. nerf Sin

    Im starting to think that you people just stand there and get stunned . and do nothing . like litterally . NOTHING
  3. nerf Sin

    I see people all over crying about sins . But . sins actually need to have some skill to be good . They need to plan ahead and use their stealth wisely and efficently . now if ure a bronze-silver rank u wouldnt know how to counter them because u haven't even learned your way around them . their skills how to counter them etc. All classes have their ups and downs. Assasins have stealth and decent dps plus escapes Destroyers has spin 2 win and 1 combo boom you're dead if u dont have an escape . plus they have tons of resist Summoners ? dont get me started . the only class that cant complain . flower , stealth , dps . cc .healing . ALI ! Blade dancers . Full of cc and knock ups , and crazy dps Forcemasters . CC hard DPS and resists , and mobility Kungfumasters . Have both great deffence and offence lots of CC and combos . You just need to know how to play them Blade masters . Kinda like Kungfumasters but a bit more damage Warlock . stun lock and insane dps So u cant complain
  4. SystemErr (300: Server Authentication Failure)

    And i for some unknown reason got this . Any solutions please ?