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  1. Log in today and can't iframe can't do combo's can't even hold rmb to chain attacks as the server is de syncing super bad in game ping counter shows 400ms but it takes 6 seconds to even enter draw stance. There are massive hitching issues and rubber banding. So i restart the game to check it and it's the same,I ran a speed test and my internet is fine. While in combat you just freeze and it takes so long to sync with client you end up out of combat. Needs fixing asap as the game can't be played in this state
  2. 100% they just alpha strike you and your dead some times before you even load in due to shitting server ping or desync
  3. why bother when the same guy with 10 of the same class just sits there farming people .... or the 5+ min wait times for a match just to find an afk person ...arena is a joke 3 x 3 isn't worth cuing for and 6 vs 6 is a whale fest that punishes you for being lower gear but awarding you zero BG points and a message saying you have been awarded no points because you haven't contributed. Even if you spend the whole time harassing and fighting. Open world was one sided one since i stopped playing two years ago and it's worse now then ever.
  4. What has this got to do with being punished in 6 vs 6 for " not contributing" when you have in fact been taking part and not afk leeching like some people it's the fact you can't earn BG points because you are deemed "not contributing" which is very wrong with this system.
  5. SO to make PVE gear I'm forced to go to 6 vs 6 BG which is a freaking joke ....I need to get moonstones to make Empyrean Spirit Stones there is no other way to make them and I need 70..... ok not so bad I guess i'll go SSP as a returning player from 2 years ago .... nope they don't drop there ok tower floor 15 .... nope they don't drop there. Only way to get the is with BG points .....only even with full BG SS and 950 AP + 850 Ele damage i can't even scratch people and all i do is get 1 hit with 180k HP .....then to top it all off it get the message .... you have been awarded 0 B
  6. Yeah but there hasn't been an official post on the English forums so I have no idea I just went to grab a coffee came back and the client had close tried to log in and the login server gateway is down.
  7. How log will the down time be this time? I mean I got no warning and there is no post on the forums by a mod about it so can we get some idea on the down time?
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