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  1. Log in today and can't iframe can't do combo's can't even hold rmb to chain attacks as the server is de syncing super bad in game ping counter shows 400ms but it takes 6 seconds to even enter draw stance. There are massive hitching issues and rubber banding. So i restart the game to check it and it's the same,I ran a speed test and my internet is fine. While in combat you just freeze and it takes so long to sync with client you end up out of combat. Needs fixing asap as the game can't be played in this state
  2. 100% they just alpha strike you and your dead some times before you even load in due to shitting server ping or desync
  3. why bother when the same guy with 10 of the same class just sits there farming people .... or the 5+ min wait times for a match just to find an afk person ...arena is a joke 3 x 3 isn't worth cuing for and 6 vs 6 is a whale fest that punishes you for being lower gear but awarding you zero BG points and a message saying you have been awarded no points because you haven't contributed. Even if you spend the whole time harassing and fighting. Open world was one sided one since i stopped playing two years ago and it's worse now then ever.
  4. What has this got to do with being punished in 6 vs 6 for " not contributing" when you have in fact been taking part and not afk leeching like some people it's the fact you can't earn BG points because you are deemed "not contributing" which is very wrong with this system.
  5. SO to make PVE gear I'm forced to go to 6 vs 6 BG which is a freaking joke ....I need to get moonstones to make Empyrean Spirit Stones there is no other way to make them and I need 70..... ok not so bad I guess i'll go SSP as a returning player from 2 years ago .... nope they don't drop there ok tower floor 15 .... nope they don't drop there. Only way to get the is with BG points .....only even with full BG SS and 950 AP + 850 Ele damage i can't even scratch people and all i do is get 1 hit with 180k HP .....then to top it all off it get the message .... you have been awarded 0 B
  6. FYI WL FM and KFM played well are hard counters for BD WL can KD +burst kill with root ability can also starve BD of focus FM can Root burst and focus starving also has insane heals if a retarded BM attacks them they can heal 100% KFM can time attacks to 100-0 BD even while in spin and you can't even use an escape also insane HM skill that makes them almost impossible to hit.. That said my BD only has HM draw so it's kit is some what lacking and other classes have much better HM skills that can be spammed. Ofcs Ping is a major fac
  7. It's ok spam bots pushed all the real topics down to page 6 on the forums that's how much the care even the games official forums are flooded with spam lol
  8. Problem i find is if you try to help some one or give them advice they tell you to *cricket* off because they think it's a personal attack or they are 9/10 just happy to be carried
  9. Having played every melee class bar Sin I totally disagree, on BM you block and have to be static. KFM feels the same too you block too counter and half the time you are static, destroyer feels slow and heavy with half the attacks they use and watching how others play Sin they tend to be static while dealing damage and use speed to move in and out of range. I hate playing other melee classes because the feel at lot less mobile on BD you can move in any directing and use your iframes and attacks and they have 360 protection the same can't be said for other classes with the except
  10. Yeah a while back I was with a BM on my BD and we tested our HM draw ...his hit 39k mine hit 16k both hit crits and both had around 530 AP and 200% crit damage...yeah that was open world but it should translate to arena too as all classes are "balanced". I totally agree BD is the most mobile Melee class which makes fun as hell to use and it's the most versatile you can tank on it go support DPS with either a wind or lightning build you can go CC nuts or Iframes and healing all have uses and while not top DPS they can do almost anything a Destroyer can do in PVE/PVP apart from deal
  11. well how long will the discount be in effect? and will it stack with clan discounts? I held off upgrading due to the Gem sockets thing and dumped my in game gold into crafting and upgrading my WL's gear while the fixed the problem so lets see what happens on the 11th who knows maybe waiting was a good idea.
  12. lazy *cricket*ers looking for a free ride. Lets be honest here I used to run BSC and BSH with 20k HP and had no problems with my 400ish AP, now people want 550AP and 55% crit rate to even run it no one wants to work they just want to coast and get it done easy. I had a Yeti party set up and some 330 AP lvl 50 jumps in after i asked for 480+ i asked him why he joined because he clearly can;t do the thing with his gear and he rages at me saying how his gear is fine so i kick him from the lobby. So any ways i have 530 AP 55% crit rate and 120% acc on my BD an
  13. I can afford it but don't support them because it's a clear money grab to try to get people to pay for a sub ...you know what sucks i've sold 100's of outfits for 1 copper ...and yeah fabric ....can only be gotten via cash shop outfits that too is another money grab. Hell just spent 3k building a new PC but there's value in that and i see none in paying a sub to get what other region got for free.
  14. lol any one who knows a BD's skill set and has good ping on any class can wreck them, I've seen sins who can hard counter every CC thrown at them by a BD same for BM's(but rare), WL and FM are by far the worst matches for a BD. I used to be plat but quit because bots/hackers ping FPS drops ect all mean more then skill and that goes for any class, if you can't even use "f" or "2" to escape in arena but can use them almost 100% of the time on server then something is *cricket*ed up. BD has a really simple skill set to use but that also makes it simple to read and counter if you know
  15. the *cricket* who asked you to list your drops the OP is about how you can only buy one a day with HM coins which makes it another p2W event stay the *cricket* on topic
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