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  1. Does it allows you to alternate between designs or does it let you have two designs on at the same time and people could switch between them
  2. Good Bye Blade & Soul

    " the chances to get to gold/platinum/diamond are very very slim " Shhh. You're complaining about pvp when you're bronze/silver.
  3. In the quest "A Scholarly Path - Finding A Peer" if you go to Siri approaching them/exit the dialogue the voice is of a guy that says "The Earthen Realms and its troubles", when Siri is a female lyn.
  4. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    I like how the person who made this post just based everything off his WL, so if he can't beat a class = NERF PLZ, if he can beat a class =ITS OK. Get outta here and learn how to beat classes and stop complaining. WL can 100-0 people in 1 opener.
  5. Arena PVP Questions - FM

    There will be rewards when the season starts in Feb 10 (Not sure what rewards are). Not sure how long it's going to be and also open world PVP is just for the faction points/coins you get.
  6. Assassin vs Summoner and Destroyer

    Assassin's best friend is their invisibility. As long as you can stay invisible Summoners can't do anything to you as most of their skill requires a target (Even the cat). You should focus on the summoner, as the cat would be near useless when you're invisible.
  7. What does that even mean LOL. You just sound like you're mad because you got wrecked by a Summoner and instead of finding a way to counter it/make a different build you decide to call them OP, like what this was originaly about 5. Believe it or not there are ppl out there which are skilled and better than you and that's why you are losing
  8. You do know there's a long CD to transfer HP from Cat to Summoner, so unless you're hard focusing the cat for some reason it shouldn't be a problem as it takes a lot of the Summoners health away
  9. Faction balance

    Thats the problem of your own server's faction playerbase fault, not balancing. The players are balanced it's just that the members aren't doing faction base activities
  10. Cat with 2 hp bar what does that even mean lol. Sounds like you're really salty when every class have escapes
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    My faction chat only gets one every hour or so. Regional is harder due to the fact that is the cross-server chat I believe so it would obviously be a lot there
  12. Gun Class?

    Wish I could have Soho sniper tho :C
  13. Fix for repairing faction chat.

    But why. Lol Faction chat is the most fun chat for me (Old man Cho) as there are similar people all the time. If it's about bots all you have to do is block them and thats it. Theres only 3-5 gold spammer at a time and one comes every two hours or so, at least in my experience in my server
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    You can make your own tab on chat you know so you can remove the useless things. I only have faction chat + party/nearby chat on. A spammer comes in every hour or two, and you only have to click a few buttons to report/block. You can remove the old spammers that are blocked in your block list to create room since most of them are banned/gone anyways