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  1. Does it allows you to alternate between designs or does it let you have two designs on at the same time and people could switch between them
  2. " the chances to get to gold/platinum/diamond are very very slim " Shhh. You're complaining about pvp when you're bronze/silver.
  3. In the quest "A Scholarly Path - Finding A Peer" if you go to Siri approaching them/exit the dialogue the voice is of a guy that says "The Earthen Realms and its troubles", when Siri is a female lyn.
  4. I like how the person who made this post just based everything off his WL, so if he can't beat a class = NERF PLZ, if he can beat a class =ITS OK. Get outta here and learn how to beat classes and stop complaining. WL can 100-0 people in 1 opener.
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